Review of the book “Angry Blonde”

‘Angry Blonde’ has been written by Eminem himself. This book contains most of Eminem’s lyrics from the Slim Shady Lp and the Marshall Mathers Lp, some Infinite album songs and some freestyles, a lot of pictures. Eminem also included some personal comments who will help the reader to understand the context in which each song was written.
Not only the fans, but also people who have a bad opinion about Eminem should take a look at it: it would certainly help them to do away with some stereotypes.
For those who still think Eminem actually wanted to kill Kim, they will learn that ‘Bonny and Clyde 97’ was created by Marshall to express his frustration about Kim trying to separate him from their daughter. They will also clearly understand that this song was a trick to get back at her for her to listen to the song.
People who know Eminem’s personality also know that he will make public your argument with him if you drive him mad. He is used to speaking his mind and he does it publicly.
It is funny to discover how Eminem and Dr Dre worked on ‘Guilty Conscience’ which was supposed to be called ‘Night ‘n’ Day’.
Some songs creation begin with a little joke, a little melody like ‘My Fault’ that it based on a joke about one of Eminem’s friends having a ‘bad trip’.
Sometimes Eminem gets his inspiration from negative events and stress around him. ‘The Way I Am’ is the expression of the whole stress he lets out of his chest. The words he spits in his songs are weapons against his enemies. ‘The Real Slim Shady’ is a good example, you can see how Christina Aguilera and Will Smith get dissed.
You will also have fun discovering Eminem’s collaboration with his fellows from D12. You will enter with pleasure in a world where music is a passion.
A book that is worth reading for each Eminem fan, but also for people who don’t know him and who want to investigate the mind of Slim Shady.