Eminem’s positive influence on my life

Eminem’s music has cured me from so many deseases I had inside. He has been an eye opener to me.
I used to be very hurt inside from problems I had since my childhood. My mom did not suffer from Munchhausen’s syndrome and I think my childhood has been a lot happier than Marshall’s. But I think my parents have abused me emotionally. My mom used to make me believe that I would never succeed in reaching my goals. When I was 6 years old, I wanted to be a writer and my mom told me that I would never get published, that I had nothing interesting to say anyway. Words can sometimes hurt more than being knocked right in the face.
I believed what she said and began to hate myself. My parents openly showed me that I was worth nothing (in their opinion). I hated them and used to feel very guilty about that.
The song ‘Cleaning Out My Closet’ has been much more then a therapy, it has shown me that you have the right to express your rage and your anger against your parents. When you are hurt, it is sometimes so hard to let your emotions out. When I’m singing this song, I feel liberated from all the negative emotions I had kept inside for years.
I also used to care about people’s opinion about me. I didn’t dare talking back when somebody insulted me. Thanks to Eminem’s ‘just don’t give a fuck attitude’, I now dare expressing my own opinions, no matter how people will judge me or call me. I have become self confident.
I was an old fashioned person in my whole way of life, I mean in nearly everything ( my clothing, my whole attitude). I used to suffer from a lot of inhibitions. Eminem has changed all this. His lyrics have thought me to humor myself. Through some of his jokes contained in his lyrics, I understood that it was useless to take myself too seriously.
But the most important I have learnt from Marshall Mathers through his life story and also through his lyrics is that you can succeed in your goals if you work hard at it and if you believe in your dreams.
I think I have found myself in Eminem’s music. I can relate to some of his songs and his music managed to move me deep inside.
Today I’m a self confident and balanced person and it is all thanks to Eminem.

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