The Real Slim Shady is a stand up man

Despite his vile lyrics and wild-man rep, Eminem turns out to be a regular, run-of-the-mill dad and man about the house.
The rapper — real name Marshall Mathers III — is so crazy about his daughter Hailie, 7, that he’s building a studio in his Detroit home so he can work and still spend every available minute with her and her mother Kim, a close friend of the family told The Hookup.
“Marshall is a good man who loves his family,” the friend said. “He wakes up with Hailie so they can eat cereal and watch morning cartoons together.”
Eminem, 30, is a great cook who loves to whip up French toast and pancakes for his family. He takes Hailie to Chuck E. Cheese’s on Friday nights and keeps her in public school so she won’t get stuck-up, the source said.
“Marshall isn’t like others in the spotlight,” the friend insisted. “He’s real down-to-earth and doesn’t wear flashy clothes or jewelry like other rappers. He’s self-sufficient and quite charming.”
The singer-turned-actor is so good-hearted that he’s taken his mother’s half-sister Betty and her three children into his home and supports them all, the friend said.
He sometimes takes his extended family to Outback Steakhouse and then treats them to a movie — just like any average dad, the source said.
And when his little brother Nathan, 17, was being picked on by a high school bully, Eminem went to the school to tell the guy to lay off.
“Marshall relayed to the rest of the kids in school that fighting and violence don’t solve anything,” the friend said. “He even stayed to sign autographs.”

Published on: June 16, 2003 National Enquirer
This article draws an objective picture of Marshall Mathers in his everyday life: a regular guy who lives a normal life. It shows a good Daddy and family man who keeps simple despite his success and celebrity. This article will certainly help people understand easily that Slim Shady is only a character.Hopefully…