Obie Trice, a talented rapper signed to Shady Records

Obie Trice : a talented rapper signed to Shady Records
Obie Trice is one of the coolest guys I have ever met . We met on June the 19th at Paris Bercy (Anger Management Tour 2003) (at the busses area). He’s got a great sense of humor and this encounter will always remain a great memory.
Obie Trice was born on November the 14th 1978.
He attented High School at Cooley High in Detroit, Michigan.
Obie was one of the best pupils at High school and he wanted to go on studying, but he changed his mind when his daughter Kobie was born on October the 5th 1998.
Obie started rapping since he was 11.
He’s been influenced by artists such as Rakim and Redman.
Thanks to underground tracks like ‘ The Well Known Asshole ‘ he has gained some recognition and respect. He has made a guest appearance on the D12 album ‘ Devil’s Night ‘.
Obie’s first album ‘ Cheers ‘ has been released on September the 23 rd 2003 and includes the collaboration of many talented rappers (Dr Dre, D12, Eminem, Busta Rhymes, 50 Cent, Lloyd Banks from G Unit, Nate Dogg’)
An album that is definitly worth listening.