Benzino claims Eminem made racist statements against Blacks

“Meanwhile, The Source’s Ray Benzino released a statement last night claiming he has damning evidence against rival Eminem that will seal his fate in Hip-Hop. Allegedly, Benzino has acquired an “original cassette recording of a Detroit basement tape which features a series of raps by Marshall Mathers that contain blatant racist and derogatory statements about Black women and Black people in general.”

The tape, said to be from around the 1995 era, will be a “nail in the coffin” for Eminem, says Benzino. Tabloid publicity stunt or not, details on the alleged tape will be revealed in the January issue of The Source magazine which hits newsstands in December.”

Daily Hip Hop News written by Carl Cherry
Benzino makes me laugh.Who will believe Mr Mathers is a racist?How could a man who has grown up in the black hood of Detroit,whose best friends are blacks be called a racist? This sounds like a big joke to me.
Eminem has experienced racism from Blacks at school ( we all know he was bullied)and also in 8 Mile…When he was 16, several Blacks pointed a gun on him, he came back home with only his socks and his pants on, he owes his life to a white guy who took him back home in his car.
Those events could have made a big racist of him, but Marshall Mathers always wanted to be part of the landscape, he fully integrated black culture. He never tried to be a Black wannabe, people who call him a wigga are really wrong. Marshall is conscious to be a white man doing black music. He is conscious that rap music has been created by Blacks, but he also knows that his roots are hip hop, since he grew up with Blacks and has been influenced by rap music since his early years.
Whatever the content of this Eminem tape recorded in 1995, you can be sure that Benzino and his cheap ass magazine the Source will misinterpret his words intentionally.