Eminem’s Dad

When you see my Dad, tell him that I slit his throat in this dream I had.
Those are the words Eminem uses towards his father in his well known song from his debut album ‘My Name Is’ from the Slim Shady LP.
Marshall Bruce Mathers II stepped out of his son’s life when he was 6 months. His marriage with Debbie only lasted one year.
Young Marshall has suffered a lot from his Dad’s absence. Betty Kresin (Eminem’s grandmother) remembers her grandson drawing pictures and asking her to give them to his Dad. Young Marshall has suffered a lot from his Dad’s absence. Betty Kresin (Eminem’s grandmother) remembers her grandson drawing pictures and asking her to give them to his Dad.As a teenager, Marshall made many attempts to reach his Dad . He wrote many letters that were all returned to him.
Now that Eminem is famous, his Dad wants to get in touch with him and asks his son for forgiveness.
He explains how his son Michael (22), discovered his famous half brother Marshall on MTV. He was totally sure it was his ‘lost son’ thanks to an article from the Rolling Stone Magazine where he saw an old photo of Debbie hoding Marshall in her arms.
He wrote an open letter to his son which was published in the ‘Daily Mirror’ in 2002.
According to Marshall’s Dad, Debbie left their son to his great aunt Edna’s home. It is known that Marshall spent more than 3 years with her. Debbie reappeared in her son’s life just before his fifth birthday.
According to Eminem’s Dad, she dropped her son there without telling anything to her husband. Debbie told Edna that he was abusing her and she was supposed to keep the secret although she was in touch with Marshall’s grandmother from the paternal side (Rae).
Recently, a greeting card from Marshall addressed to grandma Rae was discovered. It begins with ‘dear grandma’.
Even if some facts related by Marshall Mathers Jr are true, why didn’t he try to contact his son before he was famous?
He wrote an open letter to his son which was published in the ‘Daily Mirror’ in 2002.
“Hello, son. You won’t remember me, though I held you in my arms when you when you were a baby. You think I dumped you and your mother and never came looking for you. You’re convinced I’m a drunk who never answered any of your letters .Well, I want you to read this and realize you’ve been fed lies all your life. Now you’ll hear the truth for the first time. ”
Marshall’s father, who is now a construction worker, reveals his son that he’s got two half siblings, Michael and Sarah. His intention is to tell his son that he cares: “The one ambition left in my life is to give you a hug and tell you I’ve always loved you,” and he says “I’d get on a plane right now, this second, and go anywhere in the world if you’d meet with me .Please get in touch.” No contest that Eminem’s father’s letter is touching, and he tries to explain the circumstances. He insists on the fact that he always tried to search him, and his children discovered one day there was a new rapper having the same name than him. Marshall Mathers II looked at the “Rolling Stone Magazine” his son Michael had just given to him, showing a photo of Debbie and little Marshall. Marshall Mathers Jr relates this event:
‘Michael, my other son, came to our house one day and asked me what his half-brother’s name was. He’d seen a video clip of Eminem on MTV.
I told him it was Marshall and he said I might like to sit down because he had something to tell me. At first I just thought it was a coincidence. Then about two months later Rolling Stone magazine did a big article on him.
My daughter Sarah brought the article to me and in it was a picture of Debbie holding Marshall as a baby. I thought, ‘Oh my God, so much for coincidence.’ I was just stunned. First of all I was really grateful he was alive ‘ that was the main thing.
‘I had no idea what had gone on. Then, to have all that recognition on top, I was flabbergasted. It’s still hard to believe.’
‘I don’t want to see a cent of Marshall’s money. He has become famous and I’ve found out where he is it doesn’t mean I’ve found a meal ticket. ‘
Marshall Mathers Jr’s letter may be touching, but we may doubt his sincerity. Maybe this letter is just a way to get attention from the media.He denies being interested in his famous son’s money.One thing is sure:he’s been manipulated by Debbie. He was supposed to take a job as a hotel manager in North Dakota.When he came back home to their home, he found an totally empty appartment.
But the fact that he reappears years later when his son is famous and successful is suspicious. He also expressed the wish to see Hailie.She is his only grandchild.
Marshall has never met his two siblings Michael and Sarah .
Eminem’s Dad says he suffers a lot from his ‘lost son’s absence’ .He is certain to meet him someday. But the final decision belongs to Eminem who is clever enough to elude those tricks from his family.

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  1. eminems dad is an ass hole
    im the next non-black rapper
    i no all eminems songs started lernin um when i was 9 years old
    ladys and gentleman its a white america

    how would you be when rap was all black when you would laugh to see a white men with dre but i gotta give u credit for what u went through dead beat father and alcholic popin pill mother 2
    lol thats in what of my songs

  3. I don’t know what on earth allows some of you to insult Marshall’s dad. You don’t know him.
    Marshall has the right to say whatever he wants about his family in his lyrics, simply because this is HIS family. You are strangers towards the Mathers family, so please shut up.

  4. Everyone deserves a second chance……… I have listened to Eminem since I was only seven years old and when everyone forgot about him I didn’t:)) I will always be a big fan of Eminem even when others forget and move on…………..
    Somer Elizabeth

  5. hi guys. im a really big fan of eminem.only for about 2 years though. anywayy, i hope u guys know eminem.like really know him.he is iluminaty. witch means he gave his soul to the devil. when u do that. the devil promises u that u wil become famous. 95 percent of rappers are illuminaty. but if u try to get out of it, like try to become cristian or catholic, u will die. and u will go 2 hell. 2pac, biggie smalls, michael jackson and so many more people gave their soul to the devil. now those people are in hell because they trid to get out of it. thanks and ps…….add me on facebook Gio Locham 🙂

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    Yeah so anyway tht kids a fag and the only white rapper is and alwayz will b eminem so u can give it up kid

  7. hey ppl…
    im an indian.nd im a big fan of eminem cauze he is a real legend.well…even i wanna become lyk eminem,i kno its jst next 2 impossible or even impossible bt still…jst wanna giv it a try…nd as u guys kno dat an indian is never given any importance nor even any chance 2 move on…well…i wanna became a rapper nd a singer bt i dont think u guys will ever lyk me as im an indian…nd u ppl really do dat…im still 13 bt still i am seeing ppl goin through dis nd i beg u guys…plez stp doin dis…nd even after tellin u dis…u still do it…so dont think dat i will lose myself…:P sorry!!! i wont nd F OFF as u gonna see me on TV after few yrs 😛 cauze i wont back down ???(?_?)???

    1. There is a rapper from Pakistan, his name is Lazarus, he is quite popular on the local Detroit scene…race and nationality have nothing to do with this…once you are determined to succeed, you will succeed:)

  8. lazarus is sick am from detroit i have amd am only 11 and am gonna be a rapper and am as wite as a dove and proud so all u people who think race matters fuck u eminem is number1 and am gonna be number 2

  9. HEY EM!!
    -I know your life before 90s was shit.Your family broke a part.Just like mine,my mom died in 2005 and my dad died in 2010. I live with 3 younger brothers,its hard men.But I discovered over you that life can be nice,you are the picture on the wall that shows people that a sick life can turn to a perfect life just like in our dreams.My life is shit too,but I work hard on em,and I promise you,one day I will call you to record a featuring song with you,normaly,if you want 😉 Its going good for now
    Screaming SHADY till I die!!!

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