My story: Eminem has changed my life

I would like to tell you about my incredible story. It has to do with Marshall Mathers III.This man has changed my life in such a positive way.
Marshall has been an eye opener to me.He has changed me mentally and even physically. Ain’t this amazing? It actually is and that’s my story. I discovered Eminem in 2001.
At this time I was a rather old fashioned person (old fashioned in so many ways, i mean the clothing, my way of life, everything!). I used to suffer from a lot of inhibitions and I was very hurt inside. Eminem’s music has cured me from those inhibitions, it has helped me to humor myself. I managed to work out so many problems I had to face with since my childhood. I can relate to many of his songs. I also used to care a lot about what people could think about me. Marshall ‘s “just don’t give a fuck attitude” has helped me always to speak my mind whatever people could think about me!
All those problems I had inside have disappeared. I have lost 13 kilos and it’s all thanks to Marshall. Today, I have a perfect weight and I feel beautiful and balanced.
Marshall taught me never to give up and to believe in myself.
I have written a biography on the talented artist and my biggest dream is to meet him and to thank him in person.
I would like to share my incredible story with the whole world.

2 thoughts on “My story: Eminem has changed my life”

  1. hi who ever u r i just wanna fill up ur blog cuz no one seems 2 noe its here so ne wayz i am a really big eminem fan i love him actually im crazy about him i started 2 lyk em wen i woz like 2or3 n now im 14 i luv eminem more than my own life or neone elses life cuz i cud kill myself for eminem i just luv him not just for his money or his music i love him inside people say that eminem is bad but he isnt if ur a true fan u wud understand that inside eminem is sumone who is really genrous who has love, courage,knowledge everythin he just acts the way he does he messes around, like cant a guy have ne humor around here i love all the characters in him eminem,slim-shady and marshall mathers i just love him i can’t say a bigger word than love i couldnt sleep i cudnt eat i was even on machines cuz i got to ill alls i talk and think bout woz eminem.but now im better and i still luv him

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