Eminem might adopt Whitney Hartter soon

For those who don’t know: Whitney is Kim’s second child with Eric Hartter.

Kim got pregnant in 2001 and Whitney was born on May the 26th, 2002.

Things went quite complicated when Kim went back with Marshall, six months after the birth of her daughter. Despite the fact Eric Hartter, an ex convict on the run who was facing drug charges, had few chances to ever obtain his daughter’s custody or even some visitation rights, Eric’s mom, Mary was suing for Whitney’s custody.

When he went back with Kim, Eminem always had the will to raise Whitney as his own daughter.
Some people were curious about the line taken out of when I’m Gone:

« Hailie just smiles and winks at her little sister ».

They wondered about who the little sister mentioned in the song could possibly be, since Eminem referred to Alaina as his second daughter. Whitney is Hailie’s half sister and the little sister mentioned in Eminem’s song.

A few years ago, Marshall adopted his niece Alaina who is Dawn (Kim’s twin sister)’s daughter. She became his daughter legally and goes by the surname Mathers.

The Mathers family might be enriched with a new member soon, if the info revealed by the following website is true.

Eminem recently declared that he intended to remarry Kim. Apparently, he also wants to give Whitney his name and to raise her as his own child.

Marshall loves the little girl and wants her to be full part of his family:

“I’m in love with that girl, man. She’s so sweet and funny”. (Eminem)

Three daughters for Marshall? This might soon become a reality.

For those who doubted it, Eminem is very much family oriented. He is a wonderful family man, a dedicated dad and good big brother, which fully honors him.

  1. eminemsfan and her bf’s avatar

    Hi i think he should adopt because he is a caring lovin father who would do any thin thats right for his family.x

  2. MissMurder’s avatar

    Gawd, that’s so sweet, he has a big heart, his songs are just dark because of all he’s been through.

  3. pityy love’s avatar

    Whhat about that little girls real father? I’m sure she has another fam. out therewho loves her, but may not have the financial means to battle to c her. One day she’ll have ?’s about her dad and biological family.

  4. Isabelle’s avatar

    The biological dad is a drug dealer…but i know his mom battled on Court to see her granddaughter…

  5. pittyluv’s avatar

    just b cuz he sold drugs at one time is still no reason just to cut him out of her life. both em and kim have done bad things in the past. I just feel bad 4 whit b cuz from what I have read is her grandparents have begged 2 c her and kim has told them 2 take her 2 court knowin damn well they do not have that kind of money

  6. Brittney Fee’s avatar

    I think Eminem should adopt Whitney. With the struggles he has been through with Kim and the guilt he felt when he was singing and wasn’t with Hailie, he should adopt her, he makes a good father, he has a good heart. If you believe it or not,, I do. DON’T STOP FIGHTING!!!!!!!!!

  7. Hannah’s avatar

    Thts the best thing ive herd all day! I do believe tht they should arrange maybe a day at least to have the grandparents over to c whitney. But Em should get custody and the biological daddy should have a restraining order on him.

  8. kiARRA’s avatar


  9. lottemack’s avatar

    so in the song “I love you more”, is it whitney he’s talking about in the line “there’s a baby sister in the mix”?

  10. tidysongs’s avatar

    old post, but found it on google today. I didn’t know eminem had such a big heart. that’s awesome

  11. Monica’s avatar

    Marshall, I absolutely admire you as a father, I grew up fatherless since mine died when I was 3 1/2 years old. I think you would be a wonderful dad to Whitney and would definantly give her the love and warmth that she deserves. Yes, adopt her :)

  12. samii baby’s avatar

    omg i think it would be the best thing in the world for that baby if you adopted her ,,, i also thing hailie would really like it too,,, :O

  13. me :D’s avatar

    what i dont get is if he loves her then why dosent he have any songs for Whitney like hailie?

  14. RinseMyMusic’s avatar

    Who knows what type of guy Eminem really is. Hollywood makes everythings so crazy. But maybe he should make a new song about his adopted daughter. Great point!

  15. aime’s avatar

    shes cute even now am sooo… jelouse and eminem ik yhuu luv her alout take care hopee we can become friendssss!!!!!! eminem && peolple holly wood is crayy he luv her with all her heart probly theres to much express and too muchh tooo share on a song but he wiil somedayyy hope yhu loookk for me am a 13 but i give pepole good edvise i save pepole lives b4 tell ur dauter i said hi ttl… hope talk to yhu asap from aime aime kiss kiss bye bye take care..!!!

  16. tretz’s avatar

    eminem seems so genuine about his family he loves them girls and his brother i think he would give them a good life a life he didnt have he would of done it tough growing up i wish him and his family all the best keep on doin what you are good at rappin

  17. davidlover’s avatar

    awwwwwwwwwww this is sooooooooooo sweet i think he should adopt her even tought he already did lol because i no what it is like with a drug dealer dad well he wasn’t a drug dearler but he was a alcohic and i am only 11 and my mom left my dad when i was 8 and it break my heart and i have 9 brothers and sister and its really sad to live like 5 of them and not have a daddy around just a step dad that has 3 kids so i live with like 8 brothers and sisters dayily and like and on the weekend i have to deal with like 11 brothers and sister plus my mom and step dad so if you think you have a bad life mine is JUST like eminem and i am only 11


  18. christina’s avatar

    who is whitney is she his real child or is she being adopted from an orphange

  19. Isabelle’s avatar

    Whitney is Kim and Eric Hartter’s daughter.

  20. Monica Anna’s avatar

    Marshall, you are amazing, the most caring and very warm hearted person. Whitney should without a doubt be your daughter, man…. I wish I had you as my dad…. Mine died when I was 3.

  21. puneet’s avatar

    I love you em<3 your the best fuck the rest. Your my idol. Man i wanna meet you.. I wish i could get a chance to meet you..

  22. Julie’s avatar

    My granddaughter has been wishing for the past few years that Eminem would adopt her. She is now 14 and has followed his career and loves his music. I tell her about how I use to live near 7 Mile and Van Dyke in Detroit and it was only a mile or two from where Eminem grew up and she gets a kick out of it. She doesn’t have any idea why I left Detroit, to live in a much safer neighborhood, only knows that Eminem lived there and why would I move away. I love his music too and listen to it often. Hope my granddaughter gets to see him in concert one day, she would consider that a dream come true.

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