Eminem’s criminal record

If Eminem could go back to 2000, he would probably like to erase June the 3rd from the calender.

June the 3rd,2000: the day Eminem got into trouble with Douglas Dail from ICP and John Guerra, the man who kissed his ex wife Kim.
The events that happened this day caused Eminem’s arrestation and weapon and assualt charges.
Prosecuters have charged Eminem with 2 felonies:

-carrying a concealed weapon without a licence

-assault with a deadly weapon

Those circumstances could have lead him to 5 years jail sentencing.

Full details story

Around 5 pm Douglas Dail was somking a cigarette in the Mickey Shorr parking lot at Woodward Avenue in Detroit when Eminem drove by with his car. Both men exchanged looks. Douglas Dail must probably have added some verbal provocation, because Eminem asked Douglas: What did you say to me?
Although Douglas Dail pretends not to have said anything, we may doubt it.
Marshall pulled out his 9mn Smith & Wesson from his car and yelled at him: “I’ll kill you! I’ll shoot you!”.
It is also known that Kim and Douglas Dail’s girlfiend, Jennifer Childers began shouting loudly at each other.
Eminem’s intentions were more to scare his rival Douglas Dail, than anything else. Witnesses can testify that Eminem pointed his gun at the ground. When Eminem finally left, Douglas Dail called the police. Hours later, Marshall suspected Kim to be cheating on him and he went to the house of his friend Gary Kozlowski ( who is mentioned in the skit of The Eminem Show.)

Marshall already knew Kim was spending some time at the Hot Rocks Cafe in Warren. Both Marshall and Gary drove to the Hot Rocks Cafe around 2 am. When Eminem saw Kim kissing John Guerra, he went mad, jumped out of the car, and pointed a gun at John Guerra’s head, threatening to kill him. Both men started to fight.

Eminem’s gun fell on the floor. It was picked up by his friend Gary. When the police arrived, Gary showed them that he was in possession of the gun, but Eminem confirmed that the gun was actually his, so it led to both men’s arrest. Because she started insulting the police officers, Kim was charged for disturbing the peace.

Another man, Robert Lee Brown, who probably wanted to help Eminem out, pretended to be him. He created some confusion and was arrested too, because he wouldn’t leave the scene.

In Court: harsh times in Marshall’s life

You have probably seen pictures of Marshall in Court and noticed how much he seemed to suffer at this time of his life. Besides Ronnie’s death and his school bullies, Marshall’s time in Court will probably remain one of his worst memories.
Fortunately , Eminem’s probation time is over since 2003.

For the incident with Douglas Dail, Eminem had to pay $ 1000 and $ 10.000 for his felony charges concerning the incident at the Hot Rocks Cafe in Warren. Marshall was went on trial in 2001 and was eventually sentenced to two years of probation. Eminem points out that the judge treated him fairly. He was happy to escape jail time, because his biggest fear was to be separated from Hailie:

The judge treated me fair, like any other human being. I just want to get it behind me and get back spending time with my little girl and making music.

A bad sentence would have compromised his career too. Prosecutors had asked for a six months jail sentence, but judge Viviano pointed out that Eminem had no criminal record and also that his gun was unloaded.

Probation terms

During his probation, Eminem had to respect following terms:

-He was allowed to travel within the USA for work purposes.
-He needed a special court permission to leave the country
-He couldn’t use drugs and drink huge amounts of alcohol and had to submit to regular testing.

Although some people might think Eminem acted like this to get some publicity or to look more like a thug, Marshall didn’t do it intentionally to look tough.

Friends and family

Rapper Snoop Dogg, Eminem’s little brother Nathan and even Debbie (who was suing Marshall for defamation at this time) showed up in the Courtroom to show their full support to the talented rapper.

Fans to back Marshall

Many fans waited out of the Courtroom and were wearing some Eminem T-shirts to show their full support.
Stephanie Stempilewski of Warren expressed her happiness about the sentence:

I’m really glad he’s not going to jail. I just support him all the way.

Marshall is lucky to have true fans who will stand on his side in good times as well as in hard times. I am proud to belong to them.

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    I mean I ain’t bein a hater I like the guy he’s a bad ass taper but I don’t think he’s that bad ass I fucked up niggas way worse then him but agn I’m not sayn he ain’t bad but that’s how I feel an I’m white I’m not hating on whites or blacks but yea lol he G though

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    I am growing up in the same neigborhood that eminem lived in, and damn is if fucked up. Im 12, and lemme tell you, you fuck with anyone here, theyll pull a fucking knife or a gun on yo bitch ass. Fights happen all the time. I am eminems greatest fan.

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    Every website theres argueing if you don’t like eminem why did you look up stuff about him

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    Has there ever been a Hard Rock Café in Warren Michigan? They mean the one in downtown D, right?

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    I think what eminem did was great and that he shouldnt have bee sentenced to jail….he is a miracle and one of a kind and thats not only rap wise…

    Luv u Emi!!!

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    Shady is so incredibly passionate about Kim. Every guy can relate to feeling such a way, especially if Kim was kissing some random guy. I’m both happy and surprised that Shady didn’t kill that mother fucker. Kim’s such a slut though, I mean come on Kim, give the guy a break, he loves you more than anyone else in the world does bitch.

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