Goon Sqwad: From Death featuring Proof (1996): a ride into old school Detroit hip hop

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The light and the dark are pictured in their eternal embrace, spoken out by harp and xylophone alike sounds, a penetrating dark voice introduce From Death, a Christian Mathis alias Trick Trick CD that features Deshaun Holton at his rapping debut. What a wonderful occasion to travel through the terrific world of the Murder Capital. Like a wirlwind, a high amplitude menace hangs over Detroit, preparing its folks for a “heaven’s hammer” devastation, as the somber voice in the background suggests. Be prepared for the most murderous verbal assaults.
Thug N’ U is a rhythmic Tupac sampled track adapted to a 7 Mile style. You are going to love it!
No Trust is built on a cadenced piano background mixed up with some astute lyrics. Feel the unsecurity of the narrator who trusts no one. Jazzed up sounds definitely enhance the tracks.The musical creativity of the song needs to be strongly underlined.
Meet a young OG named Trick Trick at the murderous 7 Mile. Keyboards and drum beats will make you feel the men on the run, trying to escape from the bullets.
The repeated 7 Mile-7 Mile reeinforces the gun talk and fuck the police attitude of its inhabitants. Trick and his crew are for real, better believe it!
To Death lets the listener guess about the rough environment his ears are about to meet. Like dark shapes emerging from a foggy background, the menace is there, waiting for the right moment to break out.
From Death is beautifully enriched with some Ruthless sounds and a chronic spirit. Back from Death, back from the land of the nightmares, Trick Trick is ready to bust his enemies with his crew
RIP To My OGs is a touching ode to hip hop’s fallen soldiers.
Hooked On Cronic : ready to get stoned by Trick Trick and his partners in crime. Blaze it up, seize the irony of the lyrics, enjoy our emcees’ know how.
Follow the crazy Booty Bounce and its musically instable syllables. It is followed by a filthy minded Pass Da Pu**y. Light, distorted sounds introduce Do Dat Shit, a repetitive and richly musically structured anthem.
The Goon Sqwad track projects the listener into a surrealistic atmosphere.
Gurp On is made of amplified techno sounds. Sharp voices intensify the electronic chaos, giving an overall let loose impression. Get lost into a troubled world.If you like Detroit hip hop’s absolute darkness and sharp dimension of the rough, you are going to love the From Death CD.
If you like Detroit hip hop’s absolute darkness and sharp dimension of the rough, you are going to love the From Death CD.
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