A ' Fight Music ' listener murders an innocent 47 years old man

This story begins like a scary tale : a 47 years old man gets murdered during his sleep by a 18 years old teenager. The scene takes place in 2001, Newcastle, England:

David Pallister admitted committing a murder. He happened to like Eminem’s music. It has been reported that this tragic incident happened after he had listen to Devil’s Night’s ‘Fight Music’. Coincidence? Or did ‘Fight Music’ really lead to this murder?
‘Fight Music’ happens to be my favorite song from the Devil’s Night album and the video is actually my favorite D12 video. I cannot even count the number of times I have been watching the ‘Fight Music’ video with my kids. We have even been mimicking the D12 members, because we are very fond of this video. Matter of fact: none of us has become violent after watching the video. I really doubt the average teenager would act violently because of ‘Fight Music’: I rather think that he he does, it actually means that he already has a great inclination for violence.
Of course, ‘Fight Music’ is offensive in the lyrics and the video offers its viewers some aggressive action. The main question is to know whom this offensiveness is aimed at.
As far as I am concerned, I’d say ‘Fight Music’ has three main targets:
– The negative musical critics: Ice T clearly introduces you into the context at the beginning of the video. Eminem and his crew get accused of destroying the music industry.
– President Bush’s policy: the lyrics and the video clearly show D12’s criticism against the Bush administration.
– Troubled youth: many times Eminem has expressed his sympathy for kids experiencing difficulties and ‘Fight Music’ is a “sick” song dedicated to any kid who gets bullied at school.
According to me, the agressivity and the violence that are expressed in ‘Fight Music’ can be used by kids as a positive force. Particularly kids from broken homes who are experiencing real difficulties in their families and at school will find in Eminem’s dedication a message of hope.
When Eminem says ‘Fuck you’ is the positiveness that you will find in his music, many people interpret it as a sarcasm. Although Eminem is a master in the use of sarcasms, I don’t think his statement was a sarcasm this time. ‘Fuck you’ is not necessarely a negative expression when it gets addressed to a corrupt government, a rotten society and to irresponsible parents.
Many kids manage to canalize their violence and to work out their deceptions through Eminem and D12’s music. Unfortunately, a few of them misinterpret the message contained in the lyrics and act in a dangerous way. Most of the time, they are unable to handle deeper and hidden mental problems. Despite the fact those fans are giving their favorite artists a bad name and that their behavior often leads to bloody and bad dramas, remember they are exceptions to the rule.