' I'm a regular person who's just like you'

Have you ever read the third verse of ‘ Don’t Approach Me ‘, a track that Xzibit did in collaboration with Eminem ? If you have, you have probably noticed Eminem’s embarassement to deal with typical problems due to his fame :
So do I gotta buy a whole block to myself
a front door with twelve locks
and have a bodyguard walk me out to my mailbox
and everytime somebody makes a threat, run and tell cops?
Fuck that, I protect myself with these twelve shots
and one in the chamber, gun in the waist
and one in the ankle, waitin for someone to come to my place
tryin to walk up and knock like these cocksuckers are not
gonna get a shotgun or a glock shoved in their face?
And it’s a disgrace Haillie can’t play with her toys
in the front yard without you drivin by honkin your horn
screamin some shit, leanin out your windows, beepin n shit
Or pullin up in my drive like I won’t leap in your whip
And so these kids tell their friends and relatives where I live
so my address ends up on the internet again
So then, I do an interview with Spin, tellin them
that if someone comes to my crib, I’ma shove a gun in their ribs
And reporters, blow it out of proportion
“Oh, now he’s pullin guns on his fans
just for tryin to stand on his porch”
And I’m the bad guy, cause I don’t answer my door like “Hey hi!
You guys wants some autographs? Okay, form a straight line!”
Sometimes I feel like loadin this rifle
and climbin the roof at night and hidin outside to snipe you
It’s not that I don’t like you..
.. it’s just that I’m not behind the mic
I’m a person who’s just like you

Those verses made me think a lot about how much fans could disturb Marshall and Hailie’s lives in a bad way.
Fame has brought Eminem a lot of recognition, admiration and respect in the whole wide world. A lot of people love and appreciate the talented MC. But the same people who bring a lot of positive things in Marshall’s life may also become his worst nightmare when they lack respect towards him in real life.
We his huge fans in particular, have to respect Marshall’s privacy. Have you ever pictured yourself in Marshall’s shoes ? How would you react if you only had a few moments to spend with your daughter and then some crazy fans came to ask you for autographs and invaded your privacy without even asking if it is ok for you ? Wouldn’t you feel angry ? I guess the answer is yes.
Eminem: And what people don’t realize is that you’re a regular person. When I go out on that stage– if I’m on stage and my voice cracks or I’m losing my voice because I’ve been on tour for so long — If I slip and fall down and trip over a cord, whatever happens. People don’t realize that you’re a regular person. You out here making your living. You trying to entertain this crowd and whatever happens, happens. And you’re just a human being. And when you don’t want to sign nine million autographs when you’re standing outside of your bus, and you sign a few of them, and then them other people that didn’t get their autographs are like “Fuck you, asshole!” People don’t realize you’re a regular person, you a human being. And that’s one of the hardest things that people have trouble coming to grips with.
Think twice before acting stupid. Do you realize that Marshall cannot go out of his house without being disguised and being followed by more than a hundred persons ? Have you ever realized how much he may suffer from this situation ? You may say : he wanted to be famous. Yes, it is true. He wanted to be famous. But he didn’t expect so much fame when he started his career. Remember : Eminem wasn’t born in Hollywood. He is not some rich actor or entertainer’s son. He has known poverty, he has struggled to succeed. He wasn’t prepared to the pressures of fame when he came to the top.
He may be a superstar, his music may be divine, but Marshall is only human. A regular human being. Try to look at him as a regular person who has good days and bad days, like anybody of us. Don’t put more pressure on his shoulders, respect him. Don’t invade his privacy when you perfectly know he wants to share a few moments with Hailie. Those moments only belong to him and his daughter. Don’t make his life a living nightmare, life has been hard enough to him.
If you read Paul Rosenberg’s interview about Eminem, you will realize, how much difficult it sometimes is for Marshall to cope with his fame.
Being asked about Marshall’s state of mind, Paul replied :
I’d say that he’s unhappier than the average person- a lot of things haven’t worked out for him. He’s trapped as an entertainer-can’t act like a normal guy, can’t walk around, can’t react to situations like other people can, can’t confront things. ‘
Paul also insisted on Eminem’s wish for anonymity.
If Em had one wish, what do you think it’d be ?
-Anonymity. I know it’s totally contradictory, because he’s a famous rapper, but I really think that’s what he’d want.

And when is Marshall the happiest ? You guessed it : when he’s with Hailie.
-‘ When he’s at home with his daughter’when he’s hanging with his boys he’s just relaxed and regular, ‘ said Paul.
So have the decency not to ask him for an autograph when he shares some moments with his daughter. Let him , for a few minutes, live a normal life.
Sometimes fans really go too far in their craziness :
Some other fans have climbed over his fence at his former home in Sterling Heights and even dared using his swimming pool.
Eminem loves his fans and he also has a true and loyal fanbase. But he wants to be treated respectfully.
I’m addressing to my fellow fans who may cross Marshall’s road by coincidence : think twice before acting weird. Greet him politely and ask him if it is convenient to him to talk to you now. If he says no, you have to respect his decision. Don’t be selfish and respect the man’s privacy. Don’t become the next stalker.