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27 Responses to Subscribe

  1. nathan cox says:

    hey eminem i love your music and im 9!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. lillie says:

    eminem is so HOT i mean sooooo. . . . i wld luv 2 meet him in person. . . . i wld prob die bt it wld b sooooo worth it jst 2 c him (lol) . . . . i use 2 have all his cds bt they got stold i was sooooooo sad i cryed well got 2 go class almost over (sad face)

  3. says:

    I’m a Chinese student,EM I LOVE YOU 阿姆 我爱你!!

  4. sophie says:

    EMINEM is my favourite singer- rapper , my idol!!!!!!! i listening to his music 3 hours a day!!! i can’t sleep without him. i love him daughter too!!!! i’ve study all nis songs!! if you love him too, contact me!! Eminem 4 ever!!!!

  5. asault18 says:
    here you can find all nice downloads including eminem files and other good stuff that you will like!!!

  6. lover13 says:

    Actually, you can go to the film

  7. lover13 says:

    Wishing you happiness
    this is not false
    Ok with you

  8. 郑燕娜,,, says:


  9. keo says:

    Eminem i love 4 ever!!!
    you’re the best rap singer!!!

  10. paige says:

    hey can you came to my school and sing please because my school loves your music my school is east central middle school in mississippi

  11. paige says:

    and also im your friend on myspace I LOVE YOU

  12. henry says:

    hey! Eminem i am not your biggest fan,but i am your big fan!!
    i wish you can come to China for a big show,cause i really want to see you, there are many fans of yours in China. Thanks!!

  13. henry says:

    ————————————周元庆 from China

  14. Bob says:

    Eminem is awsome

  15. Bob says:

    i really like his music

  16. Raul says:

    U are one who nvr turns back to get own ass fucked.+. . . .u r fucking

  17. Amber Tomilison says:

    I always thought there was something not right with Eminem always being right,and everyone else that he didn’t have a good relationship were the bad people .I was with the father of my two children for many of years but , he won’t ever tell his very large family and friends the real reason why we split ?

    There are two sides to every story . I believe that Kim had endured many years of emotional abuse prior to Em hitting it big time ? Maybe even physically abused ? Write that book , beautiful Kim <3

  18. Rieo says:

    eminem i love U

  19. Fayo says:

    I luv eminem,i wish u could kom 2 my bday party in Nigeria on dec 18 2012.

  20. wat up Em i know u probly here here this every day but im ur biggest fan , in my home town everybody there calls me lil shady , and they have freestyle rap battles weekend , and i just took the title from some punk who thought he was dope , ppl keep tellin me cuz im white i should stop rappin , but i cant stop chasing my dreams , i look up 2 u cuz ur muzik gets me through the day see every thing u say is real , i respect u cuz u hav the guts to get on stage and tell , im just glad i found a website to talk to u , ur my hero , when i feel like im pissed off at the world i put in one of ur cd’s

    that bad meets evil album kicks ass that was the greatest with a capital G and a exclamation mark ,

    so iwas just sittin here board out of my f###ing mind so i thought id comment keep up the dope work

  21. Billy says:

    Eminem is so awesome.

    I love Eminemmm

  22. Isabelle says:

    I just released my book about Eminem and the Detroit scene with Amber books…check it out!

  23. Mikyle says:

    Emine will live on forever now and past the grave nvr forget that!

  24. sharon singleton says:

    i write this with a very heavy heart my daughter’s boyfriend commited suicide on august 5, 2013 all because he was being bullied because he loved Eminem and wanted to go to the military… He was a good kid, sweet polite he was a great boyfriend to my daughter and all because he enjoyed listening to eminem ( i also love eminem) he was bullied to the point that he felt he had no choice but to kill his self he had every thing of eminem clothing, albums you name it he had it. His name was Dylan Ritchie and he did not deserve this he was a normal teen that liked what he liked and it is so sad to know that he felt he had no other choice.. I want to get his message out there in any and every way i can no matter how many sites blogs what ever I will be his lost voice….

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