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26 Responses to Subscribe

  1. nathan cox says:

    hey eminem i love your music and im 9!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. lillie says:

    eminem is so HOT i mean sooooo. . . . i wld luv 2 meet him in person. . . . i wld prob die bt it wld b sooooo worth it jst 2 c him (lol) . . . . i use 2 have all his cds bt they got stold i was sooooooo sad i cryed well got 2 go class almost over (sad face)

  3. ? says:

    I’m a Chinese student?EM I LOVE YOU ?? ?????

  4. Sastra RunRap says:

    the best Rapper!!

    i always listen ur song… always…!! It can increase my desire to become Rapper like ya!!

    Keep Struggle! Keep makin diss lyrics for someone who actin like bitch!!
    I very very hope ya read this and reply at .i want ya to know ur respon.

    Eminem Lovers in Indonesian

  5. sophie says:

    EMINEM is my favourite singer- rapper , my idol!!!!!!! i listening to his music 3 hours a day!!! i can’t sleep without him. i love him daughter too!!!! i’ve study all nis songs!! if you love him too, contact me!! Eminem 4 ever!!!!

  6. asault18 says:
    here you can find all nice downloads including eminem files and other good stuff that you will like!!!

  7. lover13 says:

    Actually, you can go to the film

  8. lover13 says:

    Wishing you happiness
    this is not false
    Ok with you

  9. keo says:

    Eminem i love 4 ever!!!
    you’re the best rap singer!!!

  10. paige says:

    hey can you came to my school and sing please because my school loves your music my school is east central middle school in mississippi

  11. paige says:

    and also im your friend on myspace I LOVE YOU

  12. henry says:

    hey! Eminem i am not your biggest fan,but i am your big fan!!
    i wish you can come to China for a big show,cause i really want to see you, there are many fans of yours in China. Thanks!!

  13. henry says:

    ————————————??? from China

  14. Bob says:

    i really like his music

  15. Raul says:

    U are one who nvr turns back to get own ass fucked.+. . . .u r fucking

  16. Amber Tomilison says:

    I always thought there was something not right with Eminem always being right,and everyone else that he didn’t have a good relationship were the bad people .I was with the father of my two children for many of years but , he won’t ever tell his very large family and friends the real reason why we split ?

    There are two sides to every story . I believe that Kim had endured many years of emotional abuse prior to Em hitting it big time ? Maybe even physically abused ? Write that book , beautiful Kim <3

  17. Rieo says:

    eminem i love U

  18. Fayo says:

    I luv eminem,i wish u could kom 2 my bday party in Nigeria on dec 18 2012.

  19. Fayo says:

    I was very anxious wen it came 2 me talkin 2 u,u re d best rapper ever.U cn send me a mail bout my bday on

  20. wat up Em i know u probly here here this every day but im ur biggest fan , in my home town everybody there calls me lil shady , and they have freestyle rap battles weekend , and i just took the title from some punk who thought he was dope , ppl keep tellin me cuz im white i should stop rappin , but i cant stop chasing my dreams , i look up 2 u cuz ur muzik gets me through the day see every thing u say is real , i respect u cuz u hav the guts to get on stage and tell , im just glad i found a website to talk to u , ur my hero , when i feel like im pissed off at the world i put in one of ur cd’s

    that bad meets evil album kicks ass that was the greatest with a capital G and a exclamation mark ,

    so iwas just sittin here board out of my f###ing mind so i thought id comment keep up the dope work

  21. Billy says:

    Eminem is so awesome.

    I love Eminemmm

  22. Mikyle says:

    Emine will live on forever now and past the grave nvr forget that!

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