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Back in 2004, I told you all that Nathan Mathers was a young man on his way to fame. While some of you highly doubted his talent, some others were holding their breaths during three years, waiting for Nate Kane to demonstrate what he was capable of.
In fact, it isn’t easy to be Eminem’s brother. You really have to surpass yourself if you want to stand a chance to shine in the world of rap music. Between the haters and the freaky Nathan Mathers hunters (always eager to get a piece of him, even when it was a my space poser), Nathan’s life hasn’t always been simple.
At the age of 21, Nathan has now gained maturity and is ready to expose some of his work. To all of you listeners- whether you like Nate or not- I’d advice you to forget that he is Eminem’s brother: don’t let biased judgments occult your ears. Try to envision him as any other Detroit underground emcee.

Welcome into Nathan ‘s universe. A powerful orchestral introduction that is enhanced by electric guitars introduces the Nate Kane song. The track is rhythmic as well. Part of Nate’s assets are probably his vocals: Nate’s voice is set on a darker register than his brothers’ which will allow him to make a real difference. Despite his beginner status, Nate already shows a mastered use of the technical part of his instrumentals. His flow delivery isn’t bad either.

Nate Kane is a good self introduction into the rap game. Well done.

With some Southern accents, I’m Not Asking transports the listener into a club atmosphere. Again, Nate’s vocal performance needs to be underlined.

I Like The Shadow Of A Celebrity, because it allows the young emcee to pour his heart out about his celebrity status and the whole harassement that goes with. Nate also mentions people’s attacks about Debbie. Don’t jump to conclusions: you don’t know the real Nate, nor can you imagine what it is like to be always viewed as “Em’s little brother”.

I liked Messing Around a little bit less. The subject matter is much more superficial. Doesn’t really sound interesting how Nate shows his tattoos to a bunch of obsessed groupies…

A more hidden and interesting fact is that Nate Kane united his talent with a tight young Detroit underground emcee named Solystic. I reviewed Solystic back in 2005 and I can tell he is one of Detroit’s promising hip hop talents. Both artists are making beats together. Check them out here.

From what I heard, Nathan Mathers seems to possess some good artistic qualities. Judge by yourself: check him out here.

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For all of you who have always been curious about how Eminem’s brother would sound as an emcee, Nate Kane himself will give you the opportunity to appreciate a few music samples on his musical my space account.

I really lack time at the moment( i have a lot in the works), but I will give you all a detailed opinion about Nathan’s talent. Stay tuned!

Here is another beautiful pic, drawn by Brian Stepp, representing Nathan Mathers, who just celebrated his 22nd birthday two days ago.

Happy belated birthday to Nathan:)

P.S: please don t steal that pic that has been published with the author s exclusive permission for promotional purposes. Thank you.

Happy b’day to Eminem’s little brother who is turning 20 today:)
Would be great if we heard some of his raps soon…

and he put a local emcee from the Detroit scene into trouble, stole his music for the second time…Some of you must have read the article that had been posted a few hours ago about the poser and rapper Illwayz…I will write another article in order to clarify things…stay tuned on this affair. I am mad at the poser!!!

To all of you who are curious to know more about Nathan Mathers� future career as a rapper, it seems like Eminem�s brother has achieved his first rap CD.

He�s got the ambition to be a rap star like his big brother from whom he has learnt a lot and whom he is very grateful to:

� My brother Eminem is the coolest guy I know and he�s the greatest brother a guy could have. We�re really close and I�ve idolized him ever since I was a kid, way before he was famous. �

Both brothers live together and Nate enjoys staying at his brother�s home. A great complicity binds both brothers. Eminem even helps his little brother out with his music. With such a great teacher, no doubt Nathan will make some progress very fast:

� I�ve been living with Eminem a few years now and it�s the best situation in the world. I have my own room and plenty of space. No one bothers me. Eminem�s around a lot. He helps me with my music and we play on our play station, listen to music or watch movies together. �

Although Nate has also been suffering from his mom�s behavior, that he described as � nuts � a few years ago, he is in better terms with Debbie Mathers than Marshall:

� My relationship with our mom is very different to Marshall�s, he says. I�ve never seen her the way he does. They have lots of problems. I don�t get into it. She�s my mom and I love her. �

Since Eminem has been granted full custody for his daughter, Hailie also shares Nathan�s every day live. He loves his neice very much and plays a lot with her.
Nathan will confirm you how dedicated Marshall is as a daddy:

� I make time for her every day whatever she wants to do. Since she�s been living back at Eminem�s full time, we�re one big family and I love having her around. It�s sad what happened with her mom, but Eminem�s a great dad. People tend to dismiss this. �

Nathan doesn�t want to be Eminem�s rapping clone. He has the will to make something very personal and different from his brother�s style:

� I am my own person. I am not my brother. I can�t have his career. I can only put my stuff and create my own identity. People are going either dig my stuff or they won�t. �

Of course, Nathan is conscious that being Eminem�s brother will help a lot in building his future career:

Sure being Eminem�s brother has opened all the doors, but it�s now up to me to make something of it. No one is going to invest in me if I don�t produce the results. I understand that this is a business first. If the CDs don�t sell, I�m out. �

The biggest mistake that people could make would be to compare Nathan to his brother. You ought to give him a chance: of course it won�t be perfect at the very beginning, but you can be sure that he will do his best:

� I only hope that people will give me a chance and not try to compare me to him. I�m making my own music. It is not just a carbon copy of his stuff. �

Nathan Mathers might be the next great hip hop superstar very soon. He is determined to work hard in order to surprise you positively. When his first CD will come out, why not give him a chance to prove his talent?

Eminem�s brother seems to be in trouble since last month.
He happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong moment.
On July the 19th, Nathan and one of his fellows were caught by the police:

Nathan was a passenger in the car of his friend who tried to sell drugs to an undercover police officer.

Nathan�s 17 years old friend was charged for trying to sell drugs.

Bad publicity for Nathan? Maybe. He appears to be more a spectator than a real actor in this story. Nathan is young. He makes mistakes, like anybody of us. Don�t judge him too severely on one mistake.

He�s got a lot of potential and the future in front of him. Hopefully we will see him start his rapping or acting career soon.

Two persons are really important in Eminem�s eyes: his little daughter Hailie and his little brother Nathan.

Marshall is a caring and protective brother towards Nate.He is also a good and sensitive person. When he knew a guy was picking on Nate at school when he was 17, he personnaly went to his brother�s school to tell him to stop.
He took time to tell the other kids that violence didn�t solve anything and even stayed to sign them autographs, according to a close friend of his:

Marshall also may have given us a chance to listen to Nathan Mathers� work soon. He offered a studio to his brother for his 18th birthday. Marshall is Nate�s role model and certainly a huge source of inspiration to him:

“He’s an inspiration to me. We’ve always been very close and when I need help he helps. He got me the equipment I needed to create a studio in my room because he knows I want to do music too”

I would be very curious to know more about Nate�s rap style, if he intends to work solo and do some independant work or if he�d rather work with Marshall and other artists related to Shady Records such as D12, Obie Trice and 50 Cent. Before the release of Nathan�s first album, some of my questions may stay unanswered. If Nathan is as hardworking and as gifted as Marshall, his first album promises to be a huge success.

A few months ago, I decided to write an article about Eminem’s
brother Nathan. Knowing how much supportive Nathan is towards his
brother and that he is also an aspiring rapper, I wanted to gather
enough info about him for people to know more about him. My
intentions were also to honor him as a supportive family member of
Eminem. I also admire the fact that he wants to rap too. Which means
that he will have to work very hard.

To the person who posted � if ther is one thing i hate is people
kissing ass – Id hate to be living in someones shadow like Nate is,
and being a sponge of my own brother would put me too shame”,
before you post.
Nate is not “living in Marshall’s shadow”. He hasn’t started his
career yet. He hasn’t found any record deal for the moment. He isn’t
in the show business and didn’t have the opportunity to show his

At the time I wrote this article, I never thought I would attract
some real crazy Nathan fans on the Eminem part of
One of them even dared insulting me and
I had to delete her comment because it was really disrespectful and

Here are some example of some � psycho Nathan Mathers fans � :

” yo ashleymr88 wat u sayin? dat ma nates so cute well e iz aint e?
n iz all mine!!! n by da way nate aint lookin in to christianity ez
happy da way e iz n i love im jus da way e iz.”

“Nate you are so hot!! Then there is Eminem whitch is just as hot!!
if you have any pictures of em or nate dogg send them to…”

“yo, nathan i love! i wanna meet you one day. i like you not your
brother. well, i do like some of his music. if you get this e-mail
me. PLEASE, pretty please!love u much!!!!!”

“hell yeah your right they r the most fuckin’ sexiest guyz on earth!
i want nathan so bad… and i also heard nathan is gonna be rapper
soon so dont worry u will hear some of his songs!

Today, I would like to speak my mind about your comments, little 11
years old girls.

A freelance music journalist is fed up with your shit.

I would really like those freaky comments to stop.
You have the right to love Nathan or Marshall, nobody will forbid
you that. But, please, keep you sexual fantasies at home!You are

Please respect Nathan and Marshall.

Also stop being such fakes, telling everybody you’re in touch with
Nathan. Which I sincerely doubt.
If you really are, good for you.

To all the little girls with no life (I am not talking about people
who have left some insightful comments on the website), please
respect Nathan. Do you think he would like to read such freaky
comments? And above all respect yourselves.
Let me tell you this: Nathan is engaged in a long term relationship
with a girl called Athena. Both love each other. I’m asking you to
respect this. Do you get my point?

I am a huge Eminem fan and I know how much people like to invade
Marshall’s privacy. I am also conscious about how much he suffers
from such situations. A loyal Eminem fan ought to respect Marshall
and his family, including the ones fans often dislike like Debbie or
Please respect the Mathers. They are normal persons who want people
to respect their privacy. I’ll never insist enough on that point.

Don�t misinterpret my intentions : despite the fact I am no Kim Mathers fan, I�m not trying to demean her. I�m just questioning myself about her whereabouts.

A little 8 years old girl in Oakland county, Michigan, is missing her mom. She probably has no idea of what is going on. Hailie hasn�t been able to see her mom for months since Kim has been jailed in February 2004.

There�s a harsh problem lying on Marshall�s shoulders.
Kim has gone AWOL. Again :,1,13866,00.html?tnews

His baby�s mom is in danger and finds no way out of drug addiction. She doesn�t manage to get rid of drugs. Or maybe she doesn�t want to.
But Kim shouldn�t consider her interest first. She should think about her daughters Hailie and Whitney.
It is scary to see that Eminem�s ex wife acts in such a selfish and irresponsible way. She doesn�t seem to learn from her former mistakes.
Last time Kim had disappeared, she wanted to commit suicide. Marshall has rescued her from making such a mistake, because life is always worth living to the end.

While Marshall was busy appearing on German TV and making a concert in London with his D12 crew, Kim suddenly disappered, adding to Marshall�s numerous problems. Like he sings it in Hailie�s song:

Now look, I love my daughter more than life in itself,
But I got a wife that’s determined to make my life livin’hell
But I handle it well, given the circumstances I’m dealt� �

Marshall has invested so much in his relationship with Kim. He has also made some mistakes. He has admitted them. He has kept forgiving his ex wife and always expressed his unconditional love for her.
It seems like he�s got very little in return from Kim.
Even if Kim doesn�t want to take into account how much her ex husband has sacrificed (even financially) for her, she should at least face her responsibilities as a mom of two kids. If I was drug addicted, and the jugje would tell me : � If you don�t quit drugs, you won�t see your kids again �, I wouldn�t hesitate one second making the right choice.

Kim has had a harsh childhood. She�s been kicked out an alcoholic home. She grew up at Marshall�s home since she was 12. She had to deal with Marshall�s fame, which is not that easy. She had to face her ex husband with the rest of the world. Her private life has been exposed in the media.

Kim�s recent whereabout are a strong SOS call. She needs some medical care. Don�t be so fast in judging her. Remember that anybody is facing dark periods in one�s life.

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