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Sorry to disappoint the gossipers lol…Em and Kim are not reconciling and no, Kim is not pregnant.

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wannabe rap star in Windsor finally got some buzz – after stealing Kim Mathers’ phone, calling Eminem, bragging about it online, and then finding cops at his front door.
18-year-old Kyle Spratt admits he swiped Kim Mathers’ phone at Paradise Bingo in Windsor, and wrote down Eminem’s number before the phone was returned.

Spratt then called Eminem hoping the rapper would listen to his demo music. The conversation, which Spratt recorded, didn’t work out very well.

Upset that Eminem brushed him off and then police started calling, Spratt spun the recordings of the conversations into a rap song called “Slim Sellout” — which he posted online. And that’s when the trouble really started.

Below is a May 28 post from Spratt on the website TRSHADY.COM….

“i dissed eminem n i got him on tape and cop on tape … click lyrics to read them to SLIM SELLOUT .. [[NOTE: song has been removed from site]]

“k if this aint news i dont know what the f*** is … long story short i havent posted anything bout this on here this past crazy month while all this has been happening cause i dont feel like having a bunch of net nerds attack me like ” yeah and im eminems uncle ” .. but straight the f*** up .. i stole kims phone from paradise bingo where i worked till she got me fired i called eminem and blah blah blah listen to my song ull hear the clips and understand the story … click LYRICS to read along

“P.S i see the irony in everyones only insult to me as an ” eminem wannabe ” and the fact that i now ripped him .. i dont care if he comes back i dont care if he hears it … but im almost positive he will … f*** eminem.”

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Ex-wife can still bad-mouth rapper in public; ‘that’s up to her,’ lawyer says

By Jameson Cook
Macomb Daily Staff Writer

Kim Mathers appears Monday at a Friend of the Court hearing. Her lawyer pointed out that Eminem has a tattoo which “depicts a grave with a tombstone that reads, ‘R.I.P., Kim, Rot in Pieces.'”

Eminem and Kim Mathers agreed Monday to refrain from talking trash about each other in front of their daughter, but did not agree to stop talking to the media.
Eminem, Marshall Mathers III, and his ex-wife agreed to a “parental cooperation” pact approved by a Friend of the Court referee and circuit court judge in which they vowed to stop making negative comments about each other in front of their 11-year-old daughter, Hailie.

But the order does not address the primary complaints by Eminem in a March 16 legal brief in which he accused his ex-wife of making “disparaging remarks” about him in the media.

Kim Mathers’ attorney, Michael J. Smith, said Monday afternoon after the hearing that the order does not address public comments, for which Mathers is “elated.”

“She has the right to speak her mind as long as she doesn’t make disparaging remarks about him in front of their child,” Smith said. “The judge never indicated the parties cannot speak to third parties about their lives. It’s a First Amendment issue, freedom of speech.”

He said Mathers “may” continue to make public comments.

“That’s up to her,” he said.

The order was announced at a hearing by referee David T. Elias and had been approved by Judge Antonio Viviano after the parties conducted a telephone conference behind closed doors earlier in the morning.

Mathers attended the hearing, only saying, “Thank-you your honor,” to Elias. She left without commenting.

Eminem’s attorney, Harvey Hauer, said shortly after the hearing: “We’re happy the court was able to bring a resolution. The most important thing to Marshall is Hailie.”

Hauer could not be reached late Monday afternoon for further comment.

Eminem and Mathers’ second divorce was finalized last December, about 11 months after they remarried in Rochester.

The 34-year-old rap superstar initially complained about Mathers putting him down in television, radio and print media about their relationship, complaining that her comments negatively affect their daughter and her view of her parents.

Mathers, 32, of Macomb Township, defended herself in a brief filed Friday, saying she was merely responding to years of remarks by Eminem, mostly through his song lyrics.

“After years of enduring plaintiff’s (Eminem’s) public derogatory statements both in his lyrics, during his performances and in the media, she decided it was time for the public to hear her side,” Smith says in the brief. “(Eminem) must forget the lyrics he wrote and the effect those lyrics have on the child.”

Smith points to two songs that include derogatory comments about Mathers, noting the song “Kim” is heard “millions of times a day” throughout the world.

In “Kim,” Eminem describes how he plans to murder a woman named Kim. Smith notes the “gruesome” nature of the lyrics, some of which are quoted in the brief.

Smith notes that Eminem performed the song, “Puke,” at a concert during his latest tour attended by Mathers and Hailie. Eminem refers to Mathers and says, “I hope you die,” Smith says.

Eminem also has a tattoo that “depicts a grave with a tombstone that reads, ‘R.I.P., Kim, Rot in Pieces.'”

“Did (Eminem) consider the effect such inflammatory statements would have on their minor child when he obtained this tattoo?” Smith says.

Smith says that while his client’s handful of derogatory remarks about Eminem have a “very short time span of survival,” Eminem’s songs “will live and breathe forever immortalized in his performances and greatest hits collections,” he says.

Smith argues that preventing Mathers from public comments “would be so subjective in nature” and a violation of her free-speech rights.

He said after the hearing the court order contains standardized wording that is commonly used in custody cases.

In Eminem’s brief, Hauer says that since the divorce was finalized, Mathers has appeared on “20/20 Lovers Revenge” on ABC-TV (Channel 7), WJBK-TV (Channel 2), on the “Mojo in the Morning” show WKQI-FM (95.5) and nationally televised “Dr. Keith Ablow Show,” seen locally on Channel 2, and has been quoted in “Star” and “People” magazines and in the Detroit Free Press and The Macomb Daily.

Hauer refers to Mathers comments such as that Eminem is “a horrible person who gets worse every day; b) has ‘nothing positive’ between him and the children; and c) is ‘slacking very much when it comes to the kids,'” Eminem’s brief says.

In their divorce settlement, the couple agreed to shared custody of their daughter. They also were married from 1999 to 2001, after meeting as teenagers in south Warren.

Mathers also has a younger child from another relationship and takes care of a niece about 13 years old.

Eminem rose to stardom via a number of best-selling CDs and a starring role in the hit 2002 film “8 Mile.” He has won nine Grammys, including best rap album for “The Slim Shady LP,” “The Marshall Mathers LP” and “The Eminem Show.” He won an Oscar for the song “Lose Yourself” from “8 Mile.”

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After a very short lasting second marriage to her childhood sweetheart, Marshall Mathers, better known to the world as Eminem, Kim Mathers decided to appear on air and to be the guest of different shows, in order to give her version of the facts.

One can say that Eminem and Kim have a long common history.

It goes back to their Lincoln High days, at the time both started dating.

Kim entered into Marshall s life as Debbie Mathers foster child at the age of 13, escaping from an alcoholics home and probably suffering abuse from her step dad. Her relationship with Marshall would soon turn into love. This love has nothing in common with the usual Hollywood glamour stories, but it could rather be described as stormy, volatile, and was marked by numerous on s and off s.

Christmas 1995 marked the birth of the couple s common child, Hailie Jade. Despite the joy of her presence, it didn t prevent the couple from many misunderstandings and wicked manipulations, mostly from Kim s side, if we check back into the available, unhidden details, I mean the details different media revealed us on the couple.

I remember watching an old video in which you could see Eminem, wearing glasses and flipping the bird numerous times. In fact, the footage I am talking about was an old footage, made just before the release of the Slim Shady EP, in 1998.

During a short time the young man was talking, and the subject matter was all about his baby s mama who wanted to forbid him to see his daughter.

There is nothing more hurtful for a dad not to be able to see his kid and I do believe that, in numerous occasions, Kim used Hailie as a weapon in order to get what she wanted. She also received a spectacular response through the 97 Bonnie And Clyde song, in which Eminem murders Kim and drops her dead body into the water with Hailie s help.

Eminem has probably swallowed a lot of pain and deceptions all over the years, but he found a way to overcome them through his music. Dissing Kim in a song was a powerful outlet for his rage. Eminem might have harmed Kim through his demeaning words, but one should also consider that unlike many (abusive) husbands, Marshall never laid a finger on Kim in real life. Debbie Mathers even testified it years ago. The same cannot be said about Kim, who was witnessed by Dan Carlisle aka Mc Hush and MC Rec (pictured as Cheddar Bob in 8 Mile) slapping Marshall in the kitchen during a violent argument, at Mc Rec s house, according to MC Hush s statements in Metro Times.

I am not saying that Kim didn t suffer from the public exposure she got through her ex husband s Cds. Of course she did and it must have been unbearable to be looked at as a monster by the media.

Considering Eminem s disses towards Kim from a writer s point of view, all I can say that writing and sharing with the world has always been an excellent outlet for my joys, emotions and pains. It has helped me to overcome many real life difficulties and always made me feel stronger, so I can fully understand the expression of Eminem s temporary rage feelings towards Kim s behavior through nasty lyrics.

Ok, those lyrics have harmed Kim and probably given her sleepless nights and depression days. Those lyrics did make her look bad in the public s eye.

We might not know Kim, but we don t know Marshall Mathers as a person either. Any reasonable person would agree with me that there is always a huge gap between the artistic character revealed through an artist s musical work and the artist himself as a private person.

That s also one good reason why one should always be cautious in judging or jumping to silly conclusions regarding his stormy relationship with his ex. We don t know shit, as Eminem stated it in his spicy Kim dedicated love ballad I Love You More that goes back to 2003.
He was so right about it. We seem to know through a few songs and a few media gossips, but the truth is that we ignore most intimate details of Em and Kim s very private story.

What really happens between closed doors is veiled to gossipers view.
( frankly, I am happy it is so; everybody deserves a privacy, even superstars)

But I digress…

Let s get back to the demeaning Kim songs:

On the one hand, they might have caused Kim some pain; on the other hand, the money and wealth that followed after Eminem s tremendous record sales have also helped Kim to live a better, comfortable life with her daughters.

Ok money doesn t buy you everything, nor can it sometimes compensate what an individual went through. But it also allows you to live a more comfortable and decent life with less material struggles, which is not insignificant, particularly when you have several kids to raise.

Eminem did the best he could to offer his daughter the life he could never have as a poor white kid from a dysfunctional background and it shouldn t be counted as nothing.

His recent actions in favor of peace within the couple, signing a Court agreement along with Kim, in which both parties agreed not to diss each other for the kids best interest, show his good will in stopping this useless public war.

Eminem and Kim went to Court on March the 26th and both signed the agreement named above.

What do we hear about next day? Kim prompts to criticize Eminem on Hot 97, which lead me to the following question: what does Kim really want? Publicity? Her ex back? More useless public arguments with Em? Or is she so desperate to reach the public s compassion?

When Kim first expressed on ABC, I respected the fact that she wanted to give the world her own version of the facts and to clear her bad image.
But her willingness to insist on filthy details regarding her former couple life on Mojo made me lose a lot of respect for her, honestly speaking.

Not even within a second did the thought of harming her own kids cross Kim s mind- kids who would probably have landed in a foster home if Eminem didn t take care of them when she went AWOL in 2003 because of her cocaine problems.

Kim might feel hurt in her feelings. Maybe she didn t expect her second marriage to end up so fast. But her kids shouldn t have to pay such a high price for a distasteful revenge will against her ex in any case.

That s one good reason why Kim should now move on.

She is a beautiful, young woman with lots of assets in her hand who could enjoy the good sides of life instead of being bitter. No matter if her plans for the future include Marshall or not, she should bury the bloody hatchet of domestic war and focus on life s brighter sides, for her kids and her own sake.

Copyright © 2007 by Isabelle Esling
All Rights Reserved

found at Macomb Daily, so credit to the newspaper and thanks to all of you who gave me the link to the article:)

George Hunter / The Detroit News

MOUNT CLEMENS — Eminem and his ex-wife, Kim Mathers, have agreed to play nice.

The two signed a “parental cooperation” pact this morning, agreeing not to disparage each other, Friend of the Court referee David T. Elias said.

The rap superstar had filed a motion in Macomb County Circuit Court to prevent his ex-wife from trashing him in the media, because he said it could harm their 11-year-old daughter, Hailie.

Kim Mathers appeared in court this morning for a hearing on the matter. The case was assigned to Elias by Chief Circuit Judge Antonio Viviano.

Eminem did not appear in court, but spoke with his ex-wife via a telephone conference this morning, Elias said.

“I’m pleased to report that both parties have signed a parental cooperation order,” Elias said. The order states that both Eminem and his wife will refrain from making public disparaging remarks about each other.

Kim Mathers left the hearing without speaking to reporters. But a response to Eminem’s motion, which was filed by her attorneys Friday, said, “(Kim) states that after years of enduring (Eminem’s) public derogatory statements both in his lyrics, during his performances and in the media, she decided it was time for the public to hear her side. (Eminem) must forget the lyrics he wrote and the effect those lyrics have on the child.”

The response goes on to cite Eminem’s song, “Kim,” in which he raps about killing a woman named Kim.

“This song is a detailed account of how (Eminem) plans to murder (Kim). It is heard everyday by millions of people. It appears (Eminem) was not so concerned at the time he wrote these lyrics of how a gruesome and detailed account of how he was going to murder her mother would affect the minor child.”

The motion also said, “(Eminem) has a tattoo that is directed at (Kim) and depicts a grave with a tombstone that reads, “R.I.P. Kim, Rot in Pieces. Again, did (Eminem) not consider the effect such inflammatory statement would have on their minor child when he obtained this tattoo?”

Kim Mathers, is twice divorced from Eminem, whose real name is Marshall Mathers. Eminem complained in his motion that Kim, who lives in Macomb Township, has recently granted television and radio interviews in which she has claimed Eminem is “slacking very much when it comes to the kids” and that there is “nothing positive” between Eminem and his daughter.

The couple was first married in 1999 and divorced several years later. They were remarried in January 2006. Eminem filed for a second divorce in April 2006.

Harvey Hauer, Eminem’s attorney, said this morning: “We’re very happy the court was able to bring a resolution. The most important thing to Marshall is Hailie.”

You can reach George Hunter at (586) 468-7396 or [email protected] You can reach George Hunter at (586) 468-7396 or [email protected]

can watch Kim Mathers on the Keith Ablow show here.

Credit to DetNews for the link.

Feel free to comment on that article, but please don t bring drama to this website. You are entitled to your opinion, but i won t tolerate any kind of insults because you disagree with me. Thank You.

When Kim Mathers recently appeared on ABC Channel, I found it very much understandable from her point of view to try to clear her bad image in the public s eye. Like I said it in my last article, Kim Mathers made some valid points regarding her past and what she actually went through. Married life with a public perfomer cannot be viewed through pink glasses. I do believe that it has its many negative sides.

However, I find it despicable that Kim Mathers comes on Mojo to talk about her sex life with Eminem.
I do consider that what happens behind closed doors in a bedroom should be kept in the bedroom. No matter if your boyfriend/husband is a famous man or not, I find it unfair to display your sex life on a public media.

What happened between Em and Kim is really none of our business, period.

Don t prompt to misquote me: I am not taking sides in this story. When a couple argues, the truth often lies in the middle of both parties. I don t care to know about who-whether Em or Kim- is wrong or right in this story.
But I do think that Kim is very wrong to insist about her ex husband s weak sexual performances and to state publicly that he is an horrible person.

I keep asking myself if Kim is trying to cover herself against a possible diss on an upcoming record, because she bashes Eminem in a very merciless manner.

Come on, Kim…if Eminem was that much of an horrible person, you probably wouldn t have a kid in common.
If Marshall was that much of a monster, he probably wouldn t have raised your twin sister s kid and your second daughter with you either. And I think you would never have married him twice if it was really the case.

For her daughters sake, I think that Kim should have kept her mouth shut in public. No matter if they are listening to Mojo or not, sooner or later, she takes the risks for her words to come to her kids ears.

Marshall has been wiser in that way, because he didn t want to wash his dirty laundry in public. I respect that.

Knocking out an ex in a bitter wish for revenge can look sweet, but it might leave a sour aftertaste in your mouth. When kids are involved in a divorce, parents should avoid using their personal arguments as deadly weapons, because kids are the most likely to carry the scars of a bloody couple revenge.

Kim Mathers should definitely think about it as far as I am concerned.

Copyright © 2007 by Isabelle Esling
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