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A friend emailed me a brand new pic of Hailie in company of 50 Cent’s son, Marquise…

To all of you who are curious to know how Hailie looks like now, enjoy the cute pic:)

50 Cent has revealed that Eminem is reluctant to announce new tour plans because of his commitment to his daughter.

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The US rapper says that Eminem has vowed to put his role as a parent ahead of his hip-hop career.

“I’ve toured more than him because he has Hailey and he likes to physically be at the house. A lot of people don’t know the reason behind him touring less – but Hailey would put boxes in front of the door thinking this would stop him going,” 50 Cent told MTV.

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“He [Eminem] would fly back on a private plane after the show so he could drive her to school in the morning so for him the tour was exhausting.”

Eminem is understood to currently be recording his new album. The as-yet-untitled project will be his first release since 2004’s, ‘Encore.’

Ex-wife can still bad-mouth rapper in public; ‘that’s up to her,’ lawyer says

By Jameson Cook
Macomb Daily Staff Writer

Kim Mathers appears Monday at a Friend of the Court hearing. Her lawyer pointed out that Eminem has a tattoo which “depicts a grave with a tombstone that reads, ‘R.I.P., Kim, Rot in Pieces.'”

Eminem and Kim Mathers agreed Monday to refrain from talking trash about each other in front of their daughter, but did not agree to stop talking to the media.
Eminem, Marshall Mathers III, and his ex-wife agreed to a “parental cooperation” pact approved by a Friend of the Court referee and circuit court judge in which they vowed to stop making negative comments about each other in front of their 11-year-old daughter, Hailie.

But the order does not address the primary complaints by Eminem in a March 16 legal brief in which he accused his ex-wife of making “disparaging remarks” about him in the media.

Kim Mathers’ attorney, Michael J. Smith, said Monday afternoon after the hearing that the order does not address public comments, for which Mathers is “elated.”

“She has the right to speak her mind as long as she doesn’t make disparaging remarks about him in front of their child,” Smith said. “The judge never indicated the parties cannot speak to third parties about their lives. It’s a First Amendment issue, freedom of speech.”

He said Mathers “may” continue to make public comments.

“That’s up to her,” he said.

The order was announced at a hearing by referee David T. Elias and had been approved by Judge Antonio Viviano after the parties conducted a telephone conference behind closed doors earlier in the morning.

Mathers attended the hearing, only saying, “Thank-you your honor,” to Elias. She left without commenting.

Eminem’s attorney, Harvey Hauer, said shortly after the hearing: “We’re happy the court was able to bring a resolution. The most important thing to Marshall is Hailie.”

Hauer could not be reached late Monday afternoon for further comment.

Eminem and Mathers’ second divorce was finalized last December, about 11 months after they remarried in Rochester.

The 34-year-old rap superstar initially complained about Mathers putting him down in television, radio and print media about their relationship, complaining that her comments negatively affect their daughter and her view of her parents.

Mathers, 32, of Macomb Township, defended herself in a brief filed Friday, saying she was merely responding to years of remarks by Eminem, mostly through his song lyrics.

“After years of enduring plaintiff’s (Eminem’s) public derogatory statements both in his lyrics, during his performances and in the media, she decided it was time for the public to hear her side,” Smith says in the brief. “(Eminem) must forget the lyrics he wrote and the effect those lyrics have on the child.”

Smith points to two songs that include derogatory comments about Mathers, noting the song “Kim” is heard “millions of times a day” throughout the world.

In “Kim,” Eminem describes how he plans to murder a woman named Kim. Smith notes the “gruesome” nature of the lyrics, some of which are quoted in the brief.

Smith notes that Eminem performed the song, “Puke,” at a concert during his latest tour attended by Mathers and Hailie. Eminem refers to Mathers and says, “I hope you die,” Smith says.

Eminem also has a tattoo that “depicts a grave with a tombstone that reads, ‘R.I.P., Kim, Rot in Pieces.'”

“Did (Eminem) consider the effect such inflammatory statements would have on their minor child when he obtained this tattoo?” Smith says.

Smith says that while his client’s handful of derogatory remarks about Eminem have a “very short time span of survival,” Eminem’s songs “will live and breathe forever immortalized in his performances and greatest hits collections,” he says.

Smith argues that preventing Mathers from public comments “would be so subjective in nature” and a violation of her free-speech rights.

He said after the hearing the court order contains standardized wording that is commonly used in custody cases.

In Eminem’s brief, Hauer says that since the divorce was finalized, Mathers has appeared on “20/20 Lovers Revenge” on ABC-TV (Channel 7), WJBK-TV (Channel 2), on the “Mojo in the Morning” show WKQI-FM (95.5) and nationally televised “Dr. Keith Ablow Show,” seen locally on Channel 2, and has been quoted in “Star” and “People” magazines and in the Detroit Free Press and The Macomb Daily.

Hauer refers to Mathers comments such as that Eminem is “a horrible person who gets worse every day; b) has ‘nothing positive’ between him and the children; and c) is ‘slacking very much when it comes to the kids,'” Eminem’s brief says.

In their divorce settlement, the couple agreed to shared custody of their daughter. They also were married from 1999 to 2001, after meeting as teenagers in south Warren.

Mathers also has a younger child from another relationship and takes care of a niece about 13 years old.

Eminem rose to stardom via a number of best-selling CDs and a starring role in the hit 2002 film “8 Mile.” He has won nine Grammys, including best rap album for “The Slim Shady LP,” “The Marshall Mathers LP” and “The Eminem Show.” He won an Oscar for the song “Lose Yourself” from “8 Mile.”

N.B: this thread is going to be locked…I am fed up with the Hailie Jade posers posting on here. Get a life, people. And to the last idiot (mc kayla) to submit a comment (whose comment I deleted), I wanna put a few things clear: the Eminem blog is my place. I decide who is allowed to comment on here or not…so you shall shut up on here, not me.
If anybody poses as Eminem, Kim or Hailie or anybody related to Eminem, he’ll get DELETED! End of the story.


For those who don’t know: Whitney is Kim’s second child with Eric Hartter.

Kim got pregnant in 2001 and Whitney was born on May the 26th, 2002.

Things went quite complicated when Kim went back with Marshall, six months after the birth of her daughter. Despite the fact Eric Hartter, an ex convict on the run who was facing drug charges, had few chances to ever obtain his daughter’s custody or even some visitation rights, Eric’s mom, Mary was suing for Whitney’s custody.

When he went back with Kim, Eminem always had the will to raise Whitney as his own daughter.
Some people were curious about the line taken out of when I’m Gone:

« Hailie just smiles and winks at her little sister ».

They wondered about who the little sister mentioned in the song could possibly be, since Eminem referred to Alaina as his second daughter. Whitney is Hailie’s half sister and the little sister mentioned in Eminem’s song.

A few years ago, Marshall adopted his niece Alaina who is Dawn (Kim’s twin sister)’s daughter. She became his daughter legally and goes by the surname Mathers.

The Mathers family might be enriched with a new member soon, if the info revealed by the following website is true.

Eminem recently declared that he intended to remarry Kim. Apparently, he also wants to give Whitney his name and to raise her as his own child.

Marshall loves the little girl and wants her to be full part of his family:

“I’m in love with that girl, man. She’s so sweet and funny”. (Eminem)

Three daughters for Marshall? This might soon become a reality.

For those who doubted it, Eminem is very much family oriented. He is a wonderful family man, a dedicated dad and good big brother, which fully honors him.

The making of a little star

Dedicated to Hailie Jade Scott Mathers, for her 10th birthday

« I want her to be able to grow up and look back on this and be like , whether people agree with it or not , “My dad put me on a song. My dad wrote songs for me, my dad said my name all over the place.” I want her to be able to look back in magazines and everything and just know. I don’t ever wanna be like my father was to me. » (Eminem)

Eminem’s little daughter is one of the best known little girls in the world. Each Eminem fan has heard about her existence.

Marshall Mathers has been criticized numerous times for putting his daughter in his songs. Some people always see something wrong in everything he does.
Marshall is a full mouthed rapper with some wicked lyrics. Those who have followed him since the beginning know how much controversial he was when his Slim Shady LP was released. His lyrics contained the whole rage, creativity and murderous intentions of his evil alter ego.
Hailie’s presence in the middle of Slim Shady’s shivery words softened his Cds harsh side.

People should consider that Eminem’s intentions were honorable when putting his little princess on his records. First, Hailie means the world to the loving daddy Marshall actually is.
Second, Hailie is the main source of his motivation to become a successful rapper.
Third, Eminem grew up fatherless and he wants to be a caring presence in his daughter’s life. He shared his concern and love with his numerous fans.
Eminem honored the daughter he adores in various songs and I find it touching and wonderful.

Hailie is featured on some songs, on some other tracks, her daddy sings about her.

Hailie on ‘97 Bonnie and Clyde

Back in the days Marshall was fighting with Kim. When their relationship was off, Kim didn’t allow Marshall to see his daughter. Hailie had become a bad weapon against Marshall.
I remember watching an old video from 1998 where you saw a younger Eminem wearing some glasses telling people about the release of the Slim Shady LP. While announcing his future release he kept saying, while flipping the bird: « I will talk about my baby’s mama. This is some real shit ».

Of course, he was referring to the ‘97 Bonnie And Clyde song.
Not only was the so much misinterpreted song in which a 2 year old Hailie ended up as her dad’s accomplice in her mom’s murder a reconciliation attempt with Kim, but it was also rich of a very touching message:

« Baby, your dada loves you (hey)
And I’ma always be here for you (hey)
No matter what happens
You’re all I got in this world
I would never give you up for nothin’
Nobody in this world is ever gonna keep you from me
I love you… »

People might reproach Eminem quantity of things. However who would dare to say that he is not a devoted and caring father?
The ‘97 Bonnie And Clyde song introduces Hailie to the world. Little Hailie chatters in the background and has become a hip hop heroine, a gangsta character.

Despite its scary background, the Bonnie And Clyde song is a beautiful treasure of fatherly love and devotion.

Eminem’s first ode to Hailie: Hailie’s Song

Several years later, after releasing his controversial Marshall Mathers LP, Eminem was back with a brand new and explosive CD: The Eminem Show. A CD that offered a critical view and some insight about American society and politics. A Cd that was mixed up with some funny and dramatic elements. In the middle of all those typical Eminem songs, Hailie’s Song, a touching ode from a daddy to his daughter.

When I bought The Eminem Show in 2002, Hailie’s Song was the song that I discovered just after White America.
Some critics accused Eminem of « turning pop » because of this beautiful song of his, but I think I understood his intentions quite immediately. Eminem merely wanted to show his audience that he was also capable of singing songs besides his rapping abilities. Hailie’s song is deep and touching. The song is a sweet combination of soft violin notes and real feelings put on paper.
Hailie’s song shows a daddy’s gratitude towards his daughter’s presence in his life.

Hailie in My Dad’s Gone Crazy

The last song of The Eminem Show is written like a comedy, a funny daddy-daughter dialogue in which Eminem acts crazy and Hailie comes to rescue her dad.
The listener should take attention at Eminem’s words:

« My songs can make you cry, take you by surprise
And at the same time, make you dry your eyes with the same rhyme »

While playing the fool with Hailie, Eminem talks about serious subjects and pours his heart out about the drama of September the 11th and his beloved uncle Ronnie’s death.

Hailie fires back in Doe Rae Me

“My daughter is the closest thing to my heart. You say something about my daughter, then there’s no boundaries, everything is open, and Hailie might come on the record and diss you, too. So don’t fuck with me when it comes to my daughter. (Eminem, Rolling Stone Interview, June 2004)

Four rappers have dissed Hailie in her songs: Everlast, Esham, Ja Rule and Benzino. If « personals » are part of the rap game, I do consider that they should be aimed at the rapper himself, not at their kid.
If you talk bad about one of my sons, I might kill you. A parent is driven mad when you attack his or her kid. It is a mean and cowardly way of rapping, as far as I am concerned.

Eminem is cleverer than most of his opponents. Ja Rule and Benzino put Hailie on a song, dissing her badly. Ok, guys, you put Eminem’s daughter on a record? Guess what, Hailie is gonna respond to your attacks and make you look ridiculous!
That’s exactly what Hailie did!
Eminem, Obie Trice and D12 might have assisted the little girl, but the last dialogue is killing Ja Rule through Hailie’s mouth:

[Hailie] Daddy is Ja Rule taller than me?
[Eminem] No honey you guys are the same size

If you want to mess with Eminem, don’t touch his daughter or you might regret it. Marshall doesn’t play with his feelings for his daughter. Hailie is the closest person to his heart.

Mockingbird: second ode to Hailie

Maybe the greatest gift Eminem has ever offered to his fans is his Mockingbird video. In that wonderful and touching video, Eminem went that far to invite us into his living room. He didn’t choose actors to play Hailie, Alaina or Kim. No, he took a real former video featuring his beloved ones.

This video is an open dialogue with Hailie during which Marshall is trying to explain his own failures and Kim’s whereabouts.
The video allows people to picture every day life scenes at Eminem’s home. Touching, deep and refreshing scenes of little Hailie’s life will allow people to understand the daddy- daughter relationship better.

When I’m Gone: Hailie reuniting her parents

Eminem’s most recent song and video are full of pain and When I’m Gone sounds like an apology to Hailie.
Very sincere and conscious of his addiction problems, Eminem pictures scenes of conflict with his daughter. Hailie suffers from his absence and sometimes wouldn’t let her father go.
Following her daddy like an angel in her thoughts and prayers, Hailie makes her dad realize that his place is at home with his family.

Since the beginning of his career, Hailie has played different roles in his music. Accomplice in crime, weapon between her parents’ struggles, Ja Rule’s opponent, daddy’s little angel, a little girl in pain.

Eminem has been criticized for putting his daughter in his songs. I find it wonderful that a full mouthed and offensive battle rapper with some incisive and wicked lyrics showed his soft side to his public. He managed to transform this love and dedication towards his daughter into beautiful music notes that please many fans’ ears.

Hailie, I think you have all reasons in the world to be proud of your daddy. Thank you for the beautiful songs you inspired him.

Copyright© by Isabelle Esling
All Rights Reserved

Many people accuse Eminem of whining about Hailie in his songs…I wouldn’t call Eminem’s words whinings…I’d call them “the heart of a daddy who shares his loving and profound relationship to his beloved daughter with his public”. I find Marshall’s words towards his daughter real and touching. My next article will analyze Hailie’s role in different Eminem songs through the years…it will be dedicated to a little girl who makes her daddy happy and who has been part of his music for six years…stay tuned, folks:)

The most touching words Eminem put into his brand new album are the words dedicated to his little daughter Hailie. When I first listened to the song, I loved the softness of the song and I couldn’t hide my tears, because I was moved deeply inside. When Marshall talks about Hailie, nobody could doubt his true feelings expressed into music.

Some people were chocked because Eminem made his personal issues and his dialogue with Hailie public. To all of you who were shocked by the personal character of Mockinbird, arguing about it and doubting Marshall’s sincerity, let me tell you this:

-Marshall is a public person, his life is exposed by the media every day, people knew about Kim’s whereabouts anyway

– Because Marshall has this particular kind of relationship with his public, he intends to share those precious words addressed to Hailie.

The song is like a beautiful necklace whose pearls the listener will collect one by one.

Marshall first adresses to Hailie to let her know that he is very conscious of her pain. Sometimes, Hailie feels lost between her mom’s absence she is unable to explain and her daddy’s absence for obvious professional reasons:

« I know sometimes things may not always
make since to you right now
but hey what did daddy always tell
straighten up lil soldier
stiffin up that upper lip
what you cryin about?
you got me… »

Marshall can read his daughter’s pain in her eyes. I know by experience how much little kid’s faces can say more than thousand words.

At the beginning of the song, Marshall goes straight to the subject. He talks about Kim’s absence and about how much his daughter misses her mom. He also talks about his own absences that must sometimes be a huge pain into Hailie’s heart. It is a matter of fact Hailie doesn’t see her daddy very often. But Marshall ensures his daughter of his omnipresent love, which is the most important:

« Hailie i know you miss your mom
and i know you miss your dad when I’m gone
but I’m tryin to give you the life that i never had
i can see your sad, even when you smile
even when you laugh i can see it in your eyes
deep inside you wanna cry cause your scared
i aint there, daddy’s with you in your prayers
no more cryin, wipe them tears
daddy’s here, no more nightmares… »

In the first verse, Eminem mentions another little girl, whose nickname is Laney. I’ve been asked by many people who this little girl was. Laney is Alaina, Dawn’s (Kim’s twin sister) daughter. Alaina has been adopted by Marshall, she currently lives with him and goes by the name Alaina Mathers:

« Daddy’s here, no more nightmares
we gonna pull together through it
we gon do it, Laney uncle’s crazy
but he loves you baby and you better know it
we’re all we got in this world when it spins
when it swirls, when it whirls, when it twirls
two little beautiful girls lookin puzzled
in a daze, i know its confusin you
daddys always on the move
momma’s always on the news
i try to keep you sheltered from it
but somehow it seems the harder that i try
to do that the more it backfires on me
all the things growin up as daddy
that he had to see, daddy dont want you to see… »

Eminem has always done his best to keep Hailie sheltered from the scandals surrounding Kim, but sometimes he doesn’t manage to protect her completely from this kind of exposure.

In the second verse, Marshall recalls the time when he was struggling for recognition., the dog years he went through across 8 Mile.

At this time, Marshall and Kim had no money, their appartement was often broken into and robbed. He recalls a dramatic event. Kim wanted to spare some money for Hailie’s college:

« and your mom was savin money for you in a jar
tryin to start a piggy bank for you so you could go to college
almost had a thousand dollars til someone broke in and stole it
and i know it hurt so bad it broke your momma’s heart
and it seemed like everything was just startin to fall apart
mom and dad was arguin a lot… »

There are references to places in Detroit where Eminem and Kim used to live:

« So momma moved back on charmas in a flat one bedroom apartment
and dad moved back to the other side of 8 mile on Novara… »

In fact « Chalmas » refers to Chalmer Street in Detroit that is located in Wayne county:


MC Hush, who was Eminem’s formerly friend and neighbor at this time, has mentioned Novara street several times in an interview.

Marshall looks at some ancient pictures and he remembers his memories with Kim.

Then he addresses again to Hailie and Alaina, giving both girls strength and hope, telling them that Kim’s situation is temporary. He wants them to understand that despite all, he can handle the situation and that he is here for them:

« Laney, im talkin to you too, daddy’s still here
I like the sound of that, yeah
its gotta ring to it dont it, shhh, momma’s only gone for the moment… »

The third verse is touching and funny. Marshall is ready to « give the world » to his daughter. He will make her smile by any means:

« i know mommy’s not here right now
and we don’t know why we feel how we feel inside
it may seem a little crazy pretty baby
but i promise, momma’s gon be alright
and if you ask me to daddys gonna buy you a mockingbird
I’m gon give you the world
im’a buy a diamond ring for you im’a sing for you
i’ll do anything for you to see you smile
and if that mockinbird dont sing and that ring dont shine
im’a break that birdie’s neck
i’ll go back to the jeweler who sold it to ya
and make him eat every karot, dont fuck with dad »

The message of the song is reassuring : Marshall tells his daughter that sometimes we have no control of our destiny, but that Kim is gonna be all right.

Mockinbird, you’d better sing for Hailie or Marshall might break your neck!

Hailie keep your head up: your daddy loves you and remember he will always be there for you.

Despite the fact that he is always very busy, Eminem takes times to really get involved in Hailie’s daily life. For those who doubted it, Marshall really loves kids and it even happens that he travels with the kids when they’re doing a school trip, which allows him to spend more time with Hailie:

In school, when they have plays and field trips, I don’t miss them. Even if I’ve got to deal with craziness.

I sometimes wish my youngest son was a pupil in Hailie’s class. Can you imagine that the famous rapper takes time to read books to the class?

Last year I went and read to the class. Two books. It was reading month or something. (Eminem)

Eminem doesn’t play the role of a good father. He doesn’t have to. Facts talk by themselves. Hailie is one of the luckiest daughters in the world, because her father always finds time for her despite his always busy and hectic schedule.

Marshall never misses an occasion to show his love and dedication to his little girl. He is definitely not the bad person some people keep thinking he is.

You might hate him and his music. You might want to diss Eminem. You got the right to.

But don’t allow yourself the right to diss Hailie Jade, because this is something Eminem will never forgive you. Moreover, this is something you may deeply regret: you may find yourself ridiculed on a record through Hailie’s voice. This is exactly what happened to Ja Rule and it may happen to you if you don’t keep your mouth shut:

My daughter is the closest thing to my heart. You say something about my daughter, then there’s no boundaries, everything is open, and Hailie might come on the record and diss you, too. So don’t fuck with me when it comes to my daughter.

(Eminem, Rolling Stone Interview, June 2004)

That’s how the song Doe Ray Me made Ja Rule look ridiculous in front of the whole world.

Don’t confuse Marshall Mathers with some artificial pop star who fakes his feelings towards his entourage. Marshall wasn’t raised in a glamourous way of life. He has known his part of trouble and struggles in life. His fans know him for sharing his deepest emotions with him.
Eminem’s feelings for Hailie are authentic.

When he says: “I’d give my life my life for my little girl…”, I perfectly know that it is a 100% true.

It is also moving to listen to him when he talks about his kid growing up:

It’s the greatest feeling in the world to watch your seed grow, to watch a life that you created look at the world with another set of your eyes. It also hurts to know that one day she’s going to grow up and be out of the house. But thats what we’re here for, to create more life, I guess.

While he was facing Court charges for carrying a concealed weapon, Eminem’s worst fear was to be separated from Hailie:

When I thought I was going to jail…..the scariest thought was, ‘How am I going to tell this to Hailie?’ What am I going to say – ‘Daddy’s going away and he’s been bad, and you have to come and visit him in jail.’ I never told her anything, because if the was a slim chance that I’d get off, then I didn’t want to put her through that emotionally – being scared. She hates it when I go away, anytime.

Eminem’s love for Hailie is fully expressed in Hailie’s Song:

I really dumped my feelings out in Hailie’s Song. I love my little girl enough to sing to her

Eminem is a sensitive man, a caring father who wants to share his love for his little girl with the whole world. When you truly love somebody, you want the whole world to know how you feel and share your positive feelings with everybody. That’s exactly how Marshall feels about Hailie:

I love her so much that I can’t hide the emotion., so i’s gonna come through my music and I’m gonna say her name just to let the world know how much I feel for her. (Eminem, Rolling Stone, June 2004)

It is a matter of fact Hailie has been a real sunshine in Marshall’s life. She has increased his motivation to make something of his life. She has helped him to slow down: Eminem was much more impulsive in his past and some of his mistakes could have cost him a lot.

As Kuniva points it out, Eminem matured a lot thanks to Hailie:

Having a child is gonna make you calm down. Watching that child grow and become something, it’s gotta mellow you out. If it wasn’t for his daughter, he’d probably be locked up by now.

Eminem is the author of many sarcasms in his songs. But he never jokes when it comes to his feelings for his little daughter which is something that even his enemies should respect. Why? Because many of them are family men too who perfectly know what a kid represents in a dad or a mom’s eyes.

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