Apparently, a new Hailie Jade pic has been leaked on the net…

A friend emailed me a brand new pic of Hailie in company of 50 Cent’s son, Marquise…

To all of you who are curious to know how Hailie looks like now, enjoy the cute pic:)

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90 Responses to Apparently, a new Hailie Jade pic has been leaked on the net…

  1. MissMurder says:

    I didn’t know 50 cent had a kid 8O

  2. MissMurder says:

    But they’re soooo cute♥

  3. Gina Fuller says:

    I actually have two very recent pix of Hailie- Jade go to my website to see them.

  4. Gina Fuller says:

    I have two very recent pictures of Hailie- Jade go to my website to see them-
    You won’t believe how much she’s changed!

  5. Britney Spears says:

    Hailie is so sweet. Beautiful girl. I think that Marshall is so proud, she isn`t like her mom, Kim. She`s really really good girl and is so lucky `cause have a farher like Em.
    I love you Hailie. Kiss

  6. tee says:

    it’s been “leaked” it says it right there in the headline. i scrolled right past it before it loaded to leave this comment…this is someone’s privacy you’re violating…do people have no morals or conscience at all anymore? ….

  7. Isabelle says:

    To your info, i never ever posted a pic that hasn’t circulated for a while on the internet…so point the finger at those people who post pics of Hailie everywhere on their places first…and while we’re at it, why don’t you point a finger at 50 Cent who is the first to leak this pic on MTV???

    You are an idiot, whoever you are.

  8. Sarah says:

    I’d like to see the picture of Hailie, but where is it?

  9. MMS says:

    Yo, Marshall Mathers is da domb man! I agree w/ sarah! my computer is so dame slow dat i dont get 2 c da pic :(… but w/e dude! I love you slim shady! hailie! and 50!! u all rock! and who evr stocks hailie is going 2 get a peice of slim’s mind! dame!! my couins nick name is slim!! well it was atl east!! sweet! anyways.. love ya’ll.. peace man!!

  10. Charlote says:

    i love eminem he is a ledgend even tho im 14 its like his lyrics make sense and you can relate to them not like all these soppy pathetic shitty songs that are out EMINEM YOU ARE THE BESST :D woohooo and i cant even see the picture but oh well

  11. clary says:

    em, u are the best!! by KL@Ry

  12. silvia says:

    haili is very nice and she will take a good education becouse have a father like you are the best eminem

  13. Derek says:

    silvia. eminem will not lose popularity because he is with kim. She’s done drugs and was dealing them so what? and what if she’s got the greatest ass for a girl? because love finds anyone you obviously don’t understand that. But eminem. You made the right decision by getting with her if you know in you’re heart you love her. I wish you and Hailie jade, and Kim, and Alaina the best. Much love for you guys! BTW: do u know where i could get ur new album? I cant find it anywhere!!

  14. Derek says:

    man anyone who stalks slim or hailie is gonna answer to me… everyone knows thats my job!! lol jk. But seriously do not stalk them or i will stalk you and see how you like it!

  15. CRySZT4L says:


  16. Isabelle says:

    how much obssessed are you people? leave the girl alone…be happy with the pics you already have…she is no celebrity, she deserves a normal life!

  17. Hey Guys.. That’s so nice to hear so much good comments about my favourite rapstar Eminem. But i couldn’t find the pic. Is that removed or what. And does Hailie have a twitter account, i searched and found 4 accounts but which one is real. And i’m really surprised why eminem not following his daughter on twitter. Anyways. Best of luck eminen for your latest album relapse. I hope it gets multi multi platinum and gets you your 12th grammy . love you guys. And thanks for this eminen blog too.

  18. I would love to come to michigan one day and see you guys.. And that’s a promise..

  19. jodi says:

    she is very sexy

  20. Ling_pegasus says:

    HI~~I come from China

    And I love your song very much~~

    I got the same childhool as U

    and I sware I ‘ll give my best to my girl ~ my daughter ~(I don’t wanna get a son= =!)

    Best Wishes! Good luck to U @ Hailie!!!

    By the way , I like Hailie very much too ^ ^~~

  21. Ling_pegasus says:

    a ha = = so many erratums…

  22. Debi says:

    I have a vert talented cousin who mad a shirt he would like Mr. Mathes Eminem see . how can we go about doing that.. We live in Clinton township Mi, thanks
    just look up casualteez on facebook … Mark eckert…

  23. Mary says:

    Eminem should feel horible. Don’t get me wrong, I love his music and everything. But he started out doing this for Hailie and Kim, and he lost them. He’s so rapped up in his career and his music, some father he is now?

  24. Isabelle says:

    Well, that’s life i suppose…things don’t always work out as we expect them to…

  25. Kirstin says:

    People really need to quit talking badly about Marshall, he does his best as a father and has raised 3 beautiful little girl’s. Kim’s sister’s daughter is so lucky to have family that took her in, Marshall is an excellent father and does everything he can to give those 3 little girls the best life that he possibly can. 2 of them are not even his biological children and he still provides for them!!! What a good man…..

  26. katie smith says:

    Kim should not be like that what a bitch.

  27. katie smith says:

    Stop fighting and grow up not for yall but for your child!!!!What do you think she feels like?

  28. katie smith says:

    Hailie is to damn cute;)

  29. Alfian says:

    Where’s the photo? i can’t see them ;(

  30. drew says:

    i wish i had a dad like hers

  31. Hasty says:

    Eminem is the best i heard his song all my life without his music i feel like fish without water

  32. Olivia says:

    okay i love that all you guys are soo in love with him but you really shouldnt stock him he is another human bien just like us but he is an awesome rapper and well dont let that get to you but i agree his music speeks to me also and i love that about his music its like the best thing that has spoke in rap and well he is just sooo awesome but like i said earlier do not stock him please you would not like it if someone you dont know stocked you and leaked pictures of you

  33. Zach Bane says:

    Hey I know hailie should have a normal life I wish I did to the reason I like his songs is because I can relate to what he’s saying cause I never knew my dad my mom was a drugatic anyway never there for me but they should work something out for hailie

  34. Vansessa hugens says:

    I think Hailie is a beautiful child way to go Marshal !

  35. chloe says:

    i realy like you andwant to meetyouevery night soo far since last friday ive been trying to fing info about you but i cant find very much xx

  36. chloe says:

    hailie rocks love ya babe xx

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