Don't mess with Shady about his love for Hailie

You might hate him and his music. You might want to diss Eminem. You got the right to.

But don’t allow yourself the right to diss Hailie Jade, because this is something Eminem will never forgive you. Moreover, this is something you may deeply regret: you may find yourself ridiculed on a record through Hailie’s voice. This is exactly what happened to Ja Rule and it may happen to you if you don’t keep your mouth shut:

My daughter is the closest thing to my heart. You say something about my daughter, then there’s no boundaries, everything is open, and Hailie might come on the record and diss you, too. So don’t fuck with me when it comes to my daughter.

(Eminem, Rolling Stone Interview, June 2004)

That’s how the song Doe Ray Me made Ja Rule look ridiculous in front of the whole world.

Don’t confuse Marshall Mathers with some artificial pop star who fakes his feelings towards his entourage. Marshall wasn’t raised in a glamourous way of life. He has known his part of trouble and struggles in life. His fans know him for sharing his deepest emotions with him.
Eminem’s feelings for Hailie are authentic.

When he says: “I’d give my life my life for my little girl…”, I perfectly know that it is a 100% true.

It is also moving to listen to him when he talks about his kid growing up:

It’s the greatest feeling in the world to watch your seed grow, to watch a life that you created look at the world with another set of your eyes. It also hurts to know that one day she’s going to grow up and be out of the house. But thats what we’re here for, to create more life, I guess.

While he was facing Court charges for carrying a concealed weapon, Eminem’s worst fear was to be separated from Hailie:

When I thought I was going to jail…..the scariest thought was, ‘How am I going to tell this to Hailie?’ What am I going to say – ‘Daddy’s going away and he’s been bad, and you have to come and visit him in jail.’ I never told her anything, because if the was a slim chance that I’d get off, then I didn’t want to put her through that emotionally – being scared. She hates it when I go away, anytime.

Eminem’s love for Hailie is fully expressed in Hailie’s Song:

I really dumped my feelings out in Hailie’s Song. I love my little girl enough to sing to her

Eminem is a sensitive man, a caring father who wants to share his love for his little girl with the whole world. When you truly love somebody, you want the whole world to know how you feel and share your positive feelings with everybody. That’s exactly how Marshall feels about Hailie:

I love her so much that I can’t hide the emotion., so i’s gonna come through my music and I’m gonna say her name just to let the world know how much I feel for her. (Eminem, Rolling Stone, June 2004)

It is a matter of fact Hailie has been a real sunshine in Marshall’s life. She has increased his motivation to make something of his life. She has helped him to slow down: Eminem was much more impulsive in his past and some of his mistakes could have cost him a lot.

As Kuniva points it out, Eminem matured a lot thanks to Hailie:

Having a child is gonna make you calm down. Watching that child grow and become something, it’s gotta mellow you out. If it wasn’t for his daughter, he’d probably be locked up by now.

Eminem is the author of many sarcasms in his songs. But he never jokes when it comes to his feelings for his little daughter which is something that even his enemies should respect. Why? Because many of them are family men too who perfectly know what a kid represents in a dad or a mom’s eyes.

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17 Responses to Don't mess with Shady about his love for Hailie

  1. Klaudia says:

    Em,I love you..I’m italian…Pleas,you make a concert in ITALY,in the SARDEGNA!!! you are my life, you trasmit me as… when listening your songs reload me and take back strengths!!! and you make the compliments to hailie because is very beautiful…I LOVE YOU…

  2. nancy says:

    no one should say any thing about hailie or any part of he’s amily not evrn kim because noone no’s what goes on behind closed doord

  3. cheyanne says:

    eminem i love your kid i am11

  4. beccy says:

    em i love hailie as much as u and i havent met her please make a concert in uk cardiff
    and please will u adopt me

  5. Erica says:

    Em, you inspire me in so many ways! I think that your love for your daughter is very great and it will continue to grow! No one should diss Hailie or you. People have different oppinions but if it’s something thats going to hurt an innocent little girl they should keep it to themselves. I have pretty much had to fend for myself as a kid and now I fend for my brothers and sisters. Nobody dares diss my sisters or brothers they know that I am the oldest and I will kill them if they do anything to hurt my family! When they go after my family they go after me and trust me that is the worst mistake that anyone make! I think that you love your daughter enough to be involved and care about her! She is lucky to have a father like you I never had one barely even had a mother. I was alone! Take care of Hailie and never let her go because we both know that could damage a person! Hailie loves you and she wants to see you happy and she also wants you to love her back and I think she has that!

  6. Claire Hellyer - Portsmouth says:

    No-one should EVER talk about hailie, they have no right too. Hailie is a gorgus little girl and she doesn’t deserve to hear people slagging her off. It makes me so angry when people think they can do that! And as for Marshall adding Hailie into his songs i think it’s brilliant…hes showing everyone how much he loves his little girl and anyone who has a brain can see what he would do for her. No-one should juj Mashall, no-one knows what hes been through so why should anyone think its ok to juj him just because hes adding Hailie into his songs…There all losers!
    Anyway Marshall, im a big fan and u will always have my support…keep doing what your doing! And your a brilliant dad to Hailie, anyone can see that including Hailie. Dont let anyone tell you different. Love you x.x.x.x

  7. Jade says:

    I agree. U can criticize a person and get away with it but if u criticize their family u’ll git ur butt kicked. I kno if sum 1 said sumthin bout my kids id punch their face n

  8. DJ Deji says:

    I Didn’t Quite Get That. U Sayin Ja Rule Dissed His Daughter? If So Then He Is A Little BIIATCH! Lol.

    Check Out The Eminem Mix Made By Me On My Myspace. I’m 13 And A Pretty Good DJ.

  9. eminem rulz says:

    i hope ja rule dies and rotts in hell . hailie you havent written a comment on this one have you. suspicious

  10. Emin3m Rulezz!!!!! says:

    yo em im from england n all i wana say is plzzzzzz perform in the m.e.n in manchester and plzzzzzz bring hailie with you too!!!!!

  11. mckayla says:

    you mess with hailie you have to go through marshall first. marshall is a good dad and will stick by hailie’s side no matter what happens in life.

    I really would not want to be the one to piss marshall off.

  12. kayla says:

    i love you so much i live in terrbonne oregon will you please make a concert in bend oregon im your #1 fan and i will just die if i cant meet you please im a blonde with blue eyes and your daughter hallie is sooooooooooooooo cute.please your so awsome oh and im 16.

  13. keana says:


  14. kiera says:

    you are the bestest father ever.many ppl think that u r bad though u r excellent

  15. MissMurder says:

    When I’m Gone is probably the only bad song about their realationship.

  16. lydia says:

    eminem is the best daddy ever!
    Wish I have a dad like that! :(

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