They may look like him, but they are not the Real Slim Shady

Because they try to imitate his clothing, his body attitude, because they dyed their hair blonde, many lookalikes may pretend to resemble Eminem.
A few of them can be viewed on the following websites:

When you examine all of them (not even carefully), you perfectly know they are not Marshall Mathers. They don�t really look like him.
But I must say that the same rule doesn�t apply to the man who is following Eminem when he�s on tour. I have met this person at Paris Bercy on June the 19th and I was really confused when I discovered he was not Eminem. He has the same height, he exactly walks like Marshall and it may happen that die hard fans like me may confuse him with the rapper many times.
When I saw him walking out of the bus, I started talking to him, thinking I was talking to the real Marshall. Maybe I should have noticed that his voice sounded different and that his eyes were a little bit too blue to be Marshall�s eyes. But well, I was concentrated on my goal and I wanted to give a short presentation of the bio I had written on him.

I started talking and Eminem�s lookalike listened to my whole speech without saying anything.
Then he suddenly aswered:
�It is not about me!�
He probably must have been amused , although he didn�t show anything. He just showed me his shoulders: no tattoos on them!
Then I understood my mistake and started laughing at myself.

For obvious security reasons and knowing that the number of his enemies has increased, Eminem has hired some body doubles:

One of them is a man named Joe Pace who lives in Shelby Township, Michigan:

His nickname is even �Partial Mathers�, which means that he must look � at least partially- like Eminem.

Eminem�s body doubles are doing a dangerous job that requires lots of qualities. They deserve a lot of gratitude, even from us fans, who may sometimes be disappointed to meet them rather than the Real Slim Sha

  1. Damien’s avatar

    Joe pace is a cover name like Eminem, Partial mathers is also a cover name like slim shady, his real name is lloyd ridehalgh who has family in michigan but moved to london. He neva talks about work with eminem or shares photos of him and eminem. The pair are like twins, how do I know this? Cause I’ve actually met lloyd ridehalgh in 2009 when he did a concert in portsmouth.

  2. Isabelle’s avatar

    I’ve met Partial in 2003…he nearly fooled me, but his eyebrows are blonde, unlike Eminems…and his voice is much, much lighter…

  3. Ryan Shepard’s avatar

    I have no idea who this Joe Pace or Lloyd guy is, I am Ryan Shepard, I worked with Eminem for four years, I was on the 2002 Anger Managment Tour (US) 2003 Anger Management Tours (Japan & Europe)
    2002 MTV Movie Awards as the infamous Rap Boy,
    2001-2005 I stood in for the following music videos – Purple Hills, Without Me, Superman, Just Lose It, Cleaning Out My Closet, Ass Like That.

    Don’t believe fake accounts I’ve seen many of my photos linked up to fake names and it bugs me. If you want to contact the REAL Partial Mathers, hit me up on Twitter @RShep_83


  4. Isabelle’s avatar

    I met you in 2003, Partial:)

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